Nepal: Hindu Millitants Kill and Terrorise

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Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 490 | Wed 06 Aug 2008

Early on 1 July, armed masked men broke into the Salesian mission
complex in Sirsiya, which is close to the Indian border and due
south of Kathmandu. They murdered Father Johnson Prakash Moyalan
(60) who was an Indian missionary, Catholic priest and principal of
the Don Bosco Nepali-language School in Sirsiya. After bashing and
shooting him in the chest and stomach the exiting killers threw
homemade bombs into the building causing considerable damage to the
almost new premises. The killers -- believed to be militants from
the Hindu nationalist Nepal Defense Army (NDA) -- left pamphlets
stating their belief that Nepal should be a Hindu Kingdom.

The killers stole only Fr Moyalan's mobile phone with the details
of numerous Catholic leaders, workers and institutions across the
country, who have since been contacted by the militants threatening
violence unless they pay money. Police are now guarding some
Catholic institutions and have started investigating.

Nepal's Terai, the flat, alluvial southern lowland belt which runs
near the Indian border, is also the 'Hindutva (violent Hindu
nationalist) belt'. An 8 April 2008 WEA RLC News & Analysis posting
'Nepal: Hindutva raises its ugly head' reported how in May 2006
some 5000 Hindus rampaged in Birganj (close to where Fr Moyalan was
murdered) protesting the parliament's decision to turn Nepal into a
secular state. Since then the NDA has perpetrated many acts of
terrorism, mostly against Maoist institutions. In the past year
they also bombed a Christian orphanage in Birganj and in March 2008
a secular media outlet and a mosque in the south-eastern industrial
hub of Biratnagar. In most cases they left pamphlets: 'Nepal
Defense Army for Hindu Kingdom'.

When the Hindu monarchy came to an end, Indian Hindu nationalists
lost their traditional influence in Nepali politics. (Nepal now
looks to China more than India.) Furthermore, it is in no Hindu
nationalist's interests to see a Hindu state become a free secular
state and then thrive. Hindu nationalist outfits in India solidly
support the Nepalese Hindus. The NDA is presently small and weak
but is still able to kill, bomb, torch and terrorise. We must pray
that it is 'nipped in the bud' before it 'gives the devil a
foothold' in Nepal.

And so continues the spiritual battle for Nepal.


* God will protect all Christian workers and institutions in Nepal
from terrorism, so their gospel message and service can continue
in liberty and security. 'As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and
forevermore.' (Psalm 125:2 ESV)

* the 'Spirit of truth' will enlighten many minds, empowering the
gospel message and exposing the wickedness and danger of Hindutva
(violent Hindu nationalism); may hearts not be deceived.

* the Nepal Defense Army's ideological and logistical supply lines
will be cut and the authorities will close down this criminal
enterprise which is opposed to religious liberty in Nepal.

* God will complete what he has begun in Nepal; may the masses
reject Hindu nationalism and may the people choose liberty; may
Christ build his Church.

'The Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against
the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV)




Early on 1 July, armed militants broke into the Salesian mission
complex in Sirsiya, south-eastern Nepal, and murdered Fr Johnson
Prakash Moyalan (60). The killers are believed to be militants from
the Nepal Defense Army (NDA) which claims it is fighting for the
restoration of the Hindu Kingdom. They stole only Fr Moyalan's
mobile phone with contact details of many Catholic leaders, workers
and institutions who have since been contacted by the militants,
threatening them with violence unless they pay money. The NDA has
perpetrated many acts of terrorism since Nepal was declared a free
secular state in June 2006. They have bombed Maoist institutions, a
Christian orphanage in Birganj, media outlets and a mosque in the
south-eastern industrial hub of Biratnagar. Please pray for Nepal
and the growing gospel ministry of its young, dynamic Church.

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