New Global Ambassador for World Evangelical Alliance

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News Release

May 31, 2011

New York, May 31, 2011 – Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) announced today the appointment of Dr Brian C Stiller as Global Ambassador. Evangelicals, estimated to be 600 million worldwide, and represented by the WEA will have another experienced person to serve this world Christian body within the world community.

This appointment will begin July 1, 2011, for a term of five years.

“Brian Stiller will give a unique and valuable service to the world body. For over 45 years he has served in various leadership roles, each of which has given him understanding and experience and enabled him to build a worldwide network of leadership and spiritual influencers, all the while serving as a voice for Christian faith in his country,” commented Tunnicliffe in making the announcement.

This newly created role will allow Stiller to assist the Secretary General in engaging with other world bodies, both Christian and secular, ranging from the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and international forums such as the United Nations.

As Philip Jenkins, author of the book The Next Christendom has noted, the evangelical church is the fastest growing Christian community in the world. WEA as its voice provides leadership, networking, and engages in cooperative initiatives within the international community providing council and guidance on issues vital to the well being of Christian faith and peoples at risk. As one who has written largely and been a public spokesman for evangelicals, Stiller will be active in articulating the essence of evangelical Christianity, engaging with other world communions concerned with the role of faith in an increasingly secular and pluralistic world.

As well, from his years of building a national evangelical alliance, Stiller will assist the 128 national alliances of WEA in leadership development and fashioning a public presence in their respective nations.

Commenting on his new role, Stiller said, “Ministry for me has been defined by my love for the church. Serving WEA is an opportunity to continue that calling as we seek to encourage leaders on the frontlines. It is a great honor to represent this marvellous world community, particularly at this time in world history when we are called to lead with faith and wisdom.”

Stiller, a Canadian, served as president of the Canadian Youth for Christ, was president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and was president of Tyndale University College & Seminary (Toronto). He led the Younger Leaders Committee of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE) as Chair of the Singapore `87 conference. He is the author of over ten books, three of the latest being Preaching Parables to Postmoderns; Jesus and Caesar: Christians in the Public Square; What Happens When I Die? He founded Canada’s
national magazine, Faith Today, and hosted for eight years, Crosscurrents, a national weekly television current affairs program.

He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Toronto and doctoral degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Bruce Clemenger, President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and International Council Member of the WEA noted, “Stiller will bring a rich and unique blending of vision, passion and experience to the collaboration of evangelicals globally and provide a clear and intelligent Christian voice to the global stage. One of Canada's foremost evangelical leaders, he has lived successfully in establishing an effective national alliance, developing a University and growing a seminary and will be of immense benefit to the WEA and its members, and foremost to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Brian and his wife Lily have a son Murray (married to Catherine) and a daughter Muriel (married to Jesse Pascal) and five grandchildren.

The World Evangelical Alliance is made up of 128 national evangelical alliances located in 7 regions and 104 associate member organizations and global networks. The WEA is the world's largest association of evangelical Christians serving a constituency of 600 million people. The WEA is a voice to governments, media, and other faith communities and holds consultative status at the United Nations.