New Zealand Christian Network, April 2011

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    v-Zine, April 2011 

Seeing earthquake results
first hand

It was good to have the opportunity last week to visit Christchurch, meet local leaders, and see the damage caused by the February 22 earthquake, says New Zealand Christian Network National Director Glyn Carpenter.
'Local church leaders are doing a wonderful job of supporting each other, their churches, and others in their communities. Most churches are also being supported through their national denomination structures. New Zealand Christian Network has offered to help in any way we can.' Read more…

Conversation the key to
rebuilding community

'Conversation – engaging people around the table on issues that matter – is the most basic tool we have in the toolbox of community building,' Peter Kenyon has told a series of meetings in the earthquake-hit Christchurch region. Read more…

Churches and faith-based aid agencies have been at the forefront of recovery in Christchurch, often collaborating in unprecedented ways. A video report by John McNeil can be viewed here.


Is religion becoming extinct in NZ?

You may have read or heard on the radio comments concerning a paper reported to a meeting of the American Physical Society on the extinction of religion. This has caused worldwide comment. Barry McDonald, from Massey University and the NZ Church Life Survey, has written a very helpful explanation of the article that you can find at http://clsnz.com/dp7/node/16
Glyn Carpenter and Massey University's Peter Lineham have both spoken on radio to correct interpretations made in the report. The report's own author has also acknowledged his model was not the best and that they would be looking to find a better one next time.


What works in youth justice

The Henwood Trust, New Zealand's leading sponsor of youth justice research, has recently published the latest version of a research paper by Gabrielle Maxwell and Peter Marsh called Effective Programmes, for youth at risk of continued and serious offending. The purpose of the paper is to generate the right criteria for assessing existing programmes for serious young offenders, which can also be used by providers looking for guidance when starting new programmes. The report is endorsed by Chief Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft, and NZ Christian Network National Director Glyn Carpenter says with that endorsement, the rest of us should take notice. Read more...


Little evangelical giving goes to non-Christian world

A working group of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization says worldwide research seems to indicate that only 3% of giving by evangelical Christians in 2010 went to the non-Christian world. Read more…


Follow us on Twitter

NZ Christian Network has begun posting on Twitter. You can follow us at http://twitter.com/nzchristiannet By next month you will be able to follow us on Facebook as well.


Evangelical Alliance responds to
Rob Bell book

The Evangelical Alliance (UK) has responded to publication of Rob Bell's latest book, Love Wins, which has attracted widespread attention on account of its controversial views concerning the nature of hell. The Alliance is also publishing a review of Love Wins on its website written by Derek Tidball, a member of the Alliance's Board and Council, and former Principal of London School of Theology. Read more…


How to promote your event – for free

One of the free services New Zealand Christian Network provides is an events calendar on its website. If your church or organisation is holding an event, you are welcome to enter it online. In addition to helping publicise the event, the calendar will also help to avoid clashes with other events. To enter your event, simply go to the website www.nzchristiannetwork.org.nz and click on the menu item Nationwide Calendar. (Note – to eliminate spam, all events are approved by one of our administrators before it is made public.)


Current issues analysis

The Jubilee Centre, based in Cambridge, England, frequently puts out excellent analysis of current issues in their blogs and Cambridge Papers. The March 2011 newsletter included links to short articles on the Great Financial Crisis, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, and Safe Sex Education, as well as a 'must read' piece on Faith and Big Society. A quote – 'Even the [British] government admits that its big society ambitions are highly unlikely to succeed without the help of faith groups – not least because more people do unpaid work for church groups than any other organisation.' Click here to read more, or sign up for their newsletter.




Countdown begins for Gospel Bicentenary 2014

Thursday 7 April began the countdown of 1000 days to the start of the year when we will mark the bicentenary of the first preaching of the Gospel in New Zealand by the Reverend Samuel Marsden. It will be a significant year for the Church as we commemorate the historic event at Oihi Bay in Northland. Read more…

Last year, the Anglican General Synod Standing Committee asked Bishops Bay and Kito to form a planning group. This group has been joined by three representatives from the National Church Leaders' group, and NZ Christian Network National Director Glyn Carpenter is also a member. Read more…

Towards 2014 – Kia Kaha

This will be a regular feature in v-Zine up to 2014. In recognition of the significant role of the missionaries in bringing the Gospel to this country, and the huge role played by Maori converts in spreading the Gospel in those early years, we want to honour both cultures by offering the opportunity to learn some Maori words and phrases with a Christian focus before the bicentenary year. If you follow these items, it is our expectation that we should all be able to share some simple prayers together in both te reo and in English.
This month's phrase is: Kia kaha a te Ariki – Be strong in the Lord (Eph 6:10).

Proclaiming the Gospel
in NZ

A follow-up meeting to presentations made at the 6th New Zealand Christian Leaders' Congress was held in Auckland on 13 April. A report will be included in next month's v-Zine. Items discussed were The Bible's Gospel (Max Scott), Proclaiming the Gospel in NZ Today (Bruce Patrick), and a Christianity Today article, Why There Are Still Atheists. Videos of the Congress presentations can be found at our website.


Actions strongly condemned

The New Zealand Christian Network and the World Evangelical Alliance have strongly condemned both the killing of United Nations workers in Afghanistan and the Qur'an-burning actions of US pastor Terry Jones that sparked the violence. NZ Christian Network National Director Glyn Carpenter was invited to appear on the TV1 Breakfast programme to discuss relationships with Muslims in New Zealand following the international incidents.


Highlights from congress

A video containing brief highlights from the 6th New Zealand Christian Leaders' Congress has been placed at the NZ Christian Network website. It can be viewed here.

Videos of presentations made at congress are also progressively being added to the website.


National Day of Prayer

At a recent meeting of National Church Leaders it was agreed to encourage churches to be open on Saturday 30 April so that throughout New Zealand members of church communities and the community at large could pray for the peoples of the Pacific rim following the recent disasters in Haiti, Japan, Greymouth and Christchurch. Read more…


Rugby World Cup
God Space tour

Under the banner of Engage, Love Your Neighbour and Alpha are working together to bring the God Space tour to New Zealand in May, with speaker and author Doug Pollock. Doug helped mobilise the church in Canada ahead of the Winter Olympics, and he is visiting here with the Rugby World Cup in mind. Read more…


Preparing Our Hearts
for Easter

Micah Challenge has produced a series of podcasts (mp3 files that can be listened to either on a computer or mp3 player) under the title Preparing Our Hearts for Easter. New Zealand Christian Network's Glyn Carpenter is one of the contributors. The podcasts can be found here.


Note: Notices and advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of NZ Christian Network.

Kingdom Economics
A Kingdom Economics forum will be held 24–25 June (Friday afternoon/Saturday morning), in conjunction with Martien Kelderman (Fountain Institute) and Andrew Bradstock (Otago University). Mark it in your diary and see next month's v-Zine for further details. For more information, email [email protected]

Comment from Anthony Hubbard tells how unregulated capitalism falls into madness in the Sunday Star Times.

Sitting at His Feet
A prayer gathering called Sitting at His Feet is to be held at Te Kotahitanga Marae, Port Waikato, 20–22 May. The aim is to wait, listen and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to His people and to the nation. This is a prophetic gathering with no programme. For more details go to www.calltoprayerministriesinternational.com

Evangelicals for Social Action
ePistle is the free weekly newsletter of Evangelicals for Social Action. Each ePistle is comprised of three topical areas – Christ & Culture, Public Policy, and Holistic Ministry. More information can be found by clicking here.

Effective Public Engagement course
The WEA is keen to see an Effective Public Engagement course run in New Zealand, possibly in June. If you are interested please contact Glyn Carpenter at [email protected]

A Rocha Auckland dates
Dates for the various working bees and events planned for this year are: Oakley Creek, Avondale, Saturday 16 April, 16 July, 29 October; Ark in the Park, Waitakere, Saturday 21 May, 1 October; special event after Conservation Week, 16–18 September.

Christ in the Workplace conferences 
Catalyst, TSCF's ministry to graduates in the workplace, postgraduate students and academics, is holding three conferences in May and June where people from all professions can come together to consider the Gospel's impact on their vocations and lives. CEOs of leading New Zealand companies and organisations will speak on how they participate with Christ in their daily work. May 6–7 Palmerston North, May 27–28 Wellington, June 10–11 Auckland. Conference website: http://tiny.cc/jxuo6

Peacemaker conference
Peacemaker Ministries is holding the 2011 Peacemaker Conference 'Hope in Brokenness' in Orlando, Florida, 22–25 September. Further information at www.peacemakerconference.net



Promise Keepers Game On
High achieving sportsmen are opening the Promise Keepers Game On season with rousing Curtain Raiser events! Promise Keepers has gone on the road this autumn, taking an authentic slice of the big events to towns nationwide. Following four immensely successful Curtain Raisers in the North Island, we are now bringing former All Black Eroni Clarke and the team to the South! Eroni will tell his story and how his Christian faith is lived out. There will be an opportunity for men to become Christians, so you can invite men who are open to change in their lives. The second speaker will be from the Promise Keepers team. The whole evening will be the genuine Promise Keepers experience!
Dunedin, Wednesday, 4 May, St Matthew's Church, Cnr Hope and Stafford Streets; Invercargill, Thursday 5 May, Invercargill Central Baptist, 11 Deveron Street.
Check www.promisekeepers.org.nz for more information.