Official urges the Church in South Sudan to remember the Church in Sudan

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A Church leader in Sudan is urging members of the Church in South Sudan not to forget them, exposing some of the challenges they face in their present context.

This appeal was made on Tuesday in Rumbek by the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Khartoum, Bishop Daniel Adwok, in exclusive interview with Good News Radio.

Bishop Adwok called on the Christian faithful in the new nation of South Sudan to remember and to pray for the Christians in Northern Sudan, further explaining that the decision to leave the North and return to the South is not an easy one to make.

Bishop Adwok revealed that the Christians in Sudan are faced with a negative attitude from the general public that seems keen on living by last year's Presidential Decree stating that after the Independence of South Sudan, the Republic of Sudan will be an Islamic nation with Sharia law applied to the full, with Arabic as the only language and Arabic culture as the norm.

He also said that South Sudanese who have fixed assets like land in Sudan have not been allowed to sell it and that the complainants have neither recourse to justice nor offered any explanations.

Bishop Adwok also revealed that identity cards have been withdrawn from some individuals with South Sudanese ancestry.

Bishop Adwok also spoke about the financial challenges the Catholic schools in Sudan are going through, explaining that with funding from Catholic charities dwindling and many parents not being able to raise the required school fees given their meager earnings, the Church in Sudan is considering closing down some of its schools.

He went on to say that this financial limitation is forcing the Church is Sudan to contemplate closing down their schools.

Citizenship is one of the many issues being discussed between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic South Sudan.

It is reported that Sudan's governing National Congress Party (NCP) has reaffirmed refusal to granting dual-citizenship to South Sudanese. South Sudan, on the contrary, has pledged to grant citizenship to Sudanese.

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