Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Prayer Mail, September 2007

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Musalaha. The past few months have been busy ones, with events and activities involving young and old, both here in our region of the world, and internationally. We have learned much, from God and each other, and your prayers and support have been, and continue to be, a critical part of our success. Included in this report is a brief review of our most recent events, as well as a list of the events we have planned for the coming months. We appreciate your continuing support, and thank you for including our activities in your prayers. Should you be interested in any particular event, past or upcoming, please let us know and we will be glad to provide more specific information to facilitate your prayer or participation.

Thank you very much for your support.

May the Lord God bless you,

From the Musalaha team.


Youth Trip to Holland

A very successful trip to Holland was enjoyed by a group of 35 Israeli, Palestinian, and Dutch youth, from the 17th to the 27th of Aug. Their journey took them first to Hoek van Holland, and then to Kollum, as they learned about the host country, and each other, all along the way. Their activities included bicycling, skating, and building friendships that transcended all divisions. They also visited various churches, where they shared their testimonies and were blessed by their hosts and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The teaching included reconciliation through identity in Christ. Thank you for your prayer, and please continue to keep these youth in your prayers as they have returned home and face real, everyday life (and school).

Young Adult Desert Encounter
From the 6th to the 9th of Sept. 26 Palestinian and Israeli young adults participated in Musalaha’s annual Desert Encounter trip, which took them to Wadi Rum in Jordan. While they took full advantage of the fun to be had in the beautiful desert surroundings Wadi Rum has to offer: Jeep trips, camel trips, hikes, delicious Bedouin food, they also met God in the desert. The teaching focused on in depth biblical perspectives on reconciliation, and the stages of reconciliation, and had a tremendous impact on the participants. This group was marked by a willingness to really talk, and share their own personal stories, and personal pain from the conflict, and displayed a remarkable amount of understanding towards each other. Please pray that the bonds of friendship forged on this trip will continue as the participants return home and are once again surrounded by the influences of hate and mistrust.

Women’s Follow-up Meeting
Three small groups, consisting of 31 women in all, met this Sept. 8th for a day of reconnecting and sharing with each other in Talitha Koumi. With Isaiah 43:18 as their theme, they spoke about the need to leave behind the old, in order to grow, which led into a discussion of the obstacles that have to be overcome. It was a great time of fellowship, and went far towards establishing trust for the future. Some of the obstacles they identified were fear and uncertainty about the future, both stemming from the conflict. Please keep these women in your prayers, as they attempt to overcome, grow, and impact their societies, in a very difficult environment.

Upcoming Events

Young Women Follow-up Meeting
On Oct. 5th-6th the Young Women’s group will have a follow-up meeting, their third, and their topic will be “Identity”. Please pray that the relationships the women in this group share will continue to grow, and that through their discussions they will learn more about their own identities, and those of others.

Christian-Muslim Encounter
From Oct. 27th to Nov. 2nd the Christian-Muslim Encounter will take place in Cyprus. This will be the second stage of a project that began with a trip to the desert in April. We are looking forward with great anticipation, to the teaching of Rev. Brian Cox, who will be leading the conference, which will focus on bridge-building between these two neighboring communities. Please pray for safety for all those traveling, and attending the encounter, that they may meet in a spirit of mutual acceptance and willingness to understand each other.

Women’s Training ConferenceFrom Nov. 22nd-24th our Women’s Training Conference will take place in Kibbutz Almog. We are looking forward to this conference, which will bring together all the women’s groups, and focus on intensive reconciliation training. Please keep these women in your prayers as they will see old friends, make new ones, and continue in the training that they, as agents of change, can take back to their homes and communities and use to bring about positive change.

Local Women’s Group Meeting On Dec. 7th the Palestinian women’s group from Northern Israel will meet for the day, with the Palestinian women’s group in Bethlehem. This will be their first meeting together. Please pray for these women as they meet with each other, and grow in friendship and solidarity in Christ.

Third-Side Women’s Retreat
From Dec. 7th-8th the Third-Side Women’s Retreat will convene at Tantur, and discuss stages of reconciliation. Please pray for these women as they meet to support each other and try to be a blessing to people on both sides of the conflict.

We at Musalaha, both staff and participants, would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have covered this ministry with their prayers. If you feel called to support our mission in other ways as well, please visit our website at www.musalaha.org/partner.php.

Musalaha accepts donations by credit card online at its website, or by check to any of the addresses below. In the USA and UK, please make your checks out directly to our partner ministries, with a note “For Musalaha”. All donations to Musalaha are tax-deductible.