Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Prayer Requests

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Dear friends,
We appreciated all the responses we received from you who were wanting to pray specifically for the summer projects mentioned in our last prayer mail. The Young Adults Reconciliation Reunion at the beginning of the month and the Women's Identity Follow-Up this past weekend were both blessed gatherings. Although they were both short meetings, the participants had the opportunity to connect again and to take their reconciliation training to a new level.
This fall our director, Salim Munayer, will be in Colorado and Texas from November 25th until December 3rd to speak in churches and meet with individuals interested in learning more about Musalaha's ministry. If you would like to invite him to speak to your church, or if you want to know when he will be speaking in your area, please contact us at [email protected].
Below is a report written by one of the participants in the June Youth Leadership Training (rescheduled from March) and following that are prayer requests for upcoming Musalaha projects.
The Musalaha Team
Youth Leadership Training II - June 8-11, 2007
On this trip, we got off to a bumpy start, when the Jordanian border police refused one of our participants entry into Jordan. We sadly bade him farewell and boarded the transportation to our hotel without him. After settling into our rooms, we opened with a short introduction and some games to get to know the other participants. Our game coordinator came up with unusual games for us to try out with our own youth groups. One involved throwing Bamba (the Israeli version of a cheese puff) at the shaving-foam-covered faces of our team members to see which group could get more pieces to stick. We all made sure to write these games down for future youth events.

In the lectures, we learned how to put together an attractive, interactive program, one that could hold the youth's attention from the beginning of the meeting through to the spiritual challenge at the end. We learned that a well-planned program can keep the youth involved in the church throughout their at-risk teenage years. I was excited to discover that I can more effectively pass on to teenagers a passion for Christ with this new planning method.

We found out that our youth will only remember 10% of a message just three days after they've heard it, but if they can hear it, see it, and do it, they will remember 75%. We learned methods to help the youth think about what a message means to them personally, through activities, small group discussions, etc.

I look forward to trying these new ideas with my youth group. I expect to see a two-fold benefit: the teenagers will get more out of our time together, and I will have more confidence, knowing that my message is really sinking in.

On the last day, Yoel Goldberg spoke about teaching reconciliation to our youth and turning the idea into action. The world outside is supposed to know we are Christians by our love. How can we show them our love if we continue to ignore the other half of the body of the Messiah in the Land? We discussed ways to bring our youth together across checkpoints and fences. Realizing that we are in a position to inspire and mobilize our youth, all we youth leaders hope to continue with this reconciliation work ourselves long after this conference is over.
Prayer Requests:

Children's Prayer (Summer) Camp, July 2-6, Baptist Village

Our annual gathering of 40 Israeli and Palestinian children, ages 9 to 12, for a week of fun games, crafts, and Bible study. This year's special theme is prayer. Please pray that the children will grow in their faith, create lasting friendships that bridge the divide, and most of all, have fun with one another!

Palestinian Children's Summer Day Camp, July 9-13, Abud

The continuation of our most successful participant-initiated outreach project yet: a week full of fun activities, nutritious food, and teaching about God for children who are accustomed to none of the above. Organized by Palestinian women and youth leader participants of Musalaha programs, the summer camp is the most exciting event of the year for 150 impoverished West Bank children, both Christian and Muslim. Please pray that the children will have a positive, enjoyable experience that will brighten their lives and plant in them a seed of love for their neighbors.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian-Dutch Youth Camp, August 17-27, Holland

We have been invited by Tabitha Ministries in Holland to send 24 youth to participate in a summer camp. Our staff will join them to conduct training in reconciliation. Please pray that we receive the EU visas for all the youth that have applied, that the transportation to and from Holland would run smoothly and that the group's time together will be blessed.

Young Adults' Desert Encounter, Sept 6-10, Jordan

Every year Musalaha conducts a Young Adults Desert Encounter in the south of Jordan. Please pray that this trip will be result in new friendships and that it will produce in the participants a willingness to deepen those friendships long after the trip ends.


We at Musalaha would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have covered this ministry with their prayers. Musalaha is now able to accept donations by credit card online at www.musalaha.org, or by check to any of the addresses below. In the USA and UK, please make your checks out directly to our partner ministries, with a note “For Musalaha”. All donations to Musalaha are tax-deductible.


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