Pray for Egypt: CEOSS Stresses the Importance of Peaceful Demonstrations and Rational Thinking

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"As many Egyptians take to the streets this weekend, to express their concerns about the current government’s various policies, WEA would urge as many as possible around the world to pray for all Egypt’s citizens, including her many Christians", says Gordon Showell-Rogers, WEA Associate Secretary General.

"WEA has received the following statement from the Coptic Evangelical Organisation for Social Services (CEOSS) about the 30th June demonstrations. We commend the statement to our global constituency."

CEOSS Stresses the Importance of Peaceful Demonstrations and Rational Thinking

CEOSS confirmed in a statement today the need to maintain the objectives of the January revolution, which called for livelihood, freedom, human dignity, and social justice. This revolution was kept peaceful by the youth for eighteen days until they eventually achieved one of its major goals, eliminating the symbols of corruption in society.

This was stated by Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki, CEOSS General Director, who added that the statement calls on all segments, parties and movements participating in the revolution that will come out of the various districts of Egypt on June 30th to maintain peaceful demonstrations and not be misled by any rumors or lies. He also called on them to think rationally without anxiety or overreacting.

CEOSS also confirmed in the statement that freedom of expression is guaranteed for all, the freedom that was initially guaranteed by the Constitution and the law. CEOSS also called upon the demonstrators not to damage any public or private buildings or facilities and to cooperate with the police and the armed forces to maintain security and deter lawbreakers of any political affiliation.