Micah Global: Urgent Prayer Request for Earthquake in Nepal

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7.8 Earthquake hit Nepal this morning (25th April), with devastating impact. Hourly updates indicate a rising death toll with many having lost homes and possessions.

Let’s pray for all those affected and all who will respond.

Pray that rain won’t disrupt recovery operations and that safe places will quickly be found for those whose homes are destroyed.

Pray that the government emergency response would be quick and effective.

Pray that emergency supplies would reach those in need.

Pray for all our members that they would know God’s presence as they respond to those in need. We know they are also directly affected and will be deeply shaken – please pray for them and that God would give each person the strength they need to be restored and to be a blessing to all those around them

Lord in your mercy; bring relief to Nepal we pray.


Provided by Micah Global