Press message from European Evangelical Alliance about the killing in Norway

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July 25, 2011 

Norway, a land of peace and beauty, has become the scene of indescribable horror and sadness. 

Within European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) the news has been received with much sorrow. EEA has expressed deep sympathy with the people of Norway, its political leaders, church leaders, and in particular with so many parents that lost a child. 

The murderer has indicated his right wing extremist views as well as his Christian background. This violence nevertheless can only be regarded as a sign of utter evil, totally opposing the goodness and righteousness of God and totally denying the plain teaching of the Christian church.

With the people of Norway we are reminded again to the world's brokenness, of which no part is exempted.

This terrible incident implies a call to renewed watchfulness for all parents, educators, church leaders and politicians. We must all guard against the spread of extremist views that lead to hatred and killing. We call on Christians to pray with humility and urgency for God’s glory to be revealed to the nations.

On behalf of EEA, rev. Niek Tramper, General Secretary.

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