Press Release from the Foundation of the Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance

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In Sao Paulo, Avenida Liberdade, in the Methodist Cathedral, it was held on 30 November 2010 the foundation of the Brazilian Evangelical Christian Alliance - BECA. About 230 people participated in the act, which was attended by leaders and representatives of churches, organizations and associations of various Christian denominations, ministries and states in Brazil.
For over three decades until 1964, the Brazilian Evangelical Confederation (BEC) carried out the role of uniting and undertaking common projects with the evangelical churches of those days. After a long pause, it was founded in 1991, the Brazilian Evangelical Association (BEA), which for a decade was formed in an effort in favor of the unity of evangelical sectors in our country. 

Now is born the Brazilian Christian Evangelical Alliance who, honoring those that in the past sought to respond to the evangelical call for the unity of the church, wants to represent this same effort of evangelical obedience in its generation in this historic moment. The Alliance is born of a process of listening to the gospel in which Jesus challenges his disciples to "be one" so that the world may believe in him (John 17:21-22); and has as motto "the unity in faith towards the way of mission ". The Alliance is also born of a process of listening to evangelical leaders in various parts of the country, where it was gathered strong support for this initiative.

The "Charter of Principles and Guidelines" (www.aliancaevangelica.org.br), approved at the meeting of the day 11/30, stipulates that the Alliance “is a partnership of churches and organizations and has as mission to bring together the followers of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as expression of the unity of the church." Proposing to operate more as a network model than in the form of a centralized organization, the organization will be headed by a General Council, comprising 15 men and women who will be representing various denominations, organizations and regions of the country.

The ways and the accessions to the Alliance will be done in light of this Charter of Principles which specifies its beliefs, principles, values and goals, which are summarized in the purpose that the charter itself outlines: "We seek to live our faith according to the values found in the Scriptures and that the Christian faith has affirmed and lived throughout history. These values yearn to be an expression of God's Kingdom" and express our unity in the Spirit. 

The Alliance, which purports to be an expression of evangelical faith lived in this country, wants to start slowly and gain density as it walks in the quest for unity and service to our churches, ministries and our own country.

Dozens of churches and associations are adhering and disposing themselves to join the Alliance, by subscribing a pre-accession letter, which will also be available on our website. In the website will also be shown the names of those who have already committed to form the leadership of the Alliance, which will have other names added as it becomes necessary in the approval process.

The foundation assembly ended with a worship and fellowship service, which is ultimately the goal of the Alliance: To worship God, live in fellowship and serve others with love and in pursuit of righteousness.

Our website is at your disposal for contact and conversation. 

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