Press release of European Evangelical Alliance on the death of Dr. John Stott

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John Stott passed away at the age of ninety. With great respect and thankfulness we remember him.  He was given the grace, faith and wisdom to become a great champion for the truth of the Gospel, both locally as a pastor in London and worldwide as an evangelist and teacher. We have lost a great Bible expositor and exegete. But we will not stop in reading his commentaries. His influence on the missionary awareness of the church, his encouragement on being a follower of Christ in today’s world cannot be overestimated. We will not forget the ‘art of double listening’ -to the Word and to the world- that we learned from him. Personally I benefited in particular from his teaching on IFES-conferences. He was a great friend of IFES, as well as a great friend of the Evangelical Alliance. He loved the birds of heaven and he loved the Father in heaven. I appreciated the way he liked to cite the words from Martin Luther: ‘Let the birds be your theologians!’  Our socio-political team greatly appreciated his book “Issues facing Christians today”, a brilliant introduction to Christian involvement in the public square.

He has been promoted into glory and we will continue to do the important task to which John Stott has given himself so unconditionally during his whole life.

(On behalf of EEA, rev. Niek Tramper, General Secretary of EEA).

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