Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 1 Aug 2008

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Belarus - Burma - Ethiopia - India - Indonesia - Iran - Iraq - Laos - Philippines - Sudan



Forum 18 News Service reports, 'Officials in Grodno [Hrodna] Region of north-western Belarus have moved against three
different Protestant communities to try to prevent them from conducting religious activity which each community insists
is guaranteed in the country's Constitution.'

BELARUS: Baptism banned, a fine and a threat for leading worship
F18News | 25 July 2008



The Thailand-based Assistance Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (AAPP-B) believes that ten Muslim students
recently arrested and sentenced to hard labour is an act of religious persecution and continues to demonstrate the
Junta's repression of religious groups in order to subdue communities.

Ten Students Sentenced to Hard Labor
The Irrawaddy | 25 July 2008

Junta sentences 10 student activists to labour camps
Mizzima News | 25 July 2008



ICC (International Christian Concern) says that on 19 July 2008 two Christians 'were going to a church meeting when
they were confronted by nine extremist Muslims yelling anti-Christian slogans. The extremists started hurling rocks at
the two Christians'. One man was hospitalised with injuries.

Muslim Mob Stones Christians in Eastern Ethiopia
Europe News | 30 July 2008



Assist News reports, 'A group of 40 Hindu radicals barged into a worship service and gospel meeting and attacked the
pastor and believers in Bagalkot in Karnataka state, India on July 27.' Bibles and hymnbooks were destroyed.

Attack on Christian Gospel meeting by Hindu Radicals in Karnataka, India
Assist News | 27 July 2008



'West Papuans have yet to recover from the trauma of human rights violations. At the same time continuing in-migration
is threatening to marginalise them in their resource-rich province, an ecumenical team from the World Council of
Churches (WCC) told top-level Indonesian government officials.'

West Papuans 'traumatised WCC team tells Indonesian government
World Council of Churches (WCC) | 29 July 2008



Compass Direct News reports on Iran's Christians referring to 'new reports of arrests against Christians' and also the
condition of two Iranian Christians in jail, one of whom is a diabetic and in a critical condition.

Compass Direct News | 30 July 2008


'Sixteen Iranians who converted from Islam to Christianity were arrested on Tuesday in Malakshahr, on the outskirts of
the central Iranian city of Isfahan.'

Iran: Sixteen Christian converts arrested
Adnkronos | 29 July 2008


Promoting apostasy (conversion from Islam to another faith) could be a new crime punishable by death if Iran's
parliament passes a new draft bill. 'The crime of apostasy (the act of leaving a religion, in this case Islam) is also
already punishable by death.'

Iran mulls death penalty for Internet crimes
DAWN | 3 July 2008


CNN reports that 'Iran's Baha'i community -- a religious minority that has faced persecution in the Islamic republic --
is reporting a string of arson attacks targeting homes and vehicles.'

Iran: Religious minority reports arson attacks
CNN |29 July 2008



Deutsche Welle provides a brief overview of Christian persecution in Iraq.

Expert Urges More Help for Christian Minority in Iraq
Deutsche Welle | 26 July 2008



'The Hmong Lao Human Rights Council, Inc., the Centre for Public Policy Analysis ( CPPA ), the United League for
Democracy in Laos, Inc. and other organisations are voicing concern about reliable reports from Laos regarding a recent
combined two-pronged military offensive operation undertaken by two Lao special military groups to attack Hmong in-
hiding in the jungles.' The military attacks ordered by the Laos PDR Government are described as an act of ethnic

Hmong Laos Human Rights Council Reports New Ethnic Cleansing Attacks By LPDR
Media Newswire | Accessed 31 July 2008

[For Background to the Hmong in Laos and Informed Prayer see:
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | No. 442 | Wed 15 Aug 2007 LAOS: CRACKDOWN TARGETS HMONG CHRISTIANS
http://www.ea.org.au/default.aspx?id=37bae8fc-9d33-480c-9aa4-900739f0ec3e ]



'In an area considered a bastion of rebels from the Moro Islamic Front ... Armed men stopped a mini-bus and murdered
four Christian male passengers execution-style in Mindanao yesterday, while a fifth passenger is still missing (Asia

Mindanao: four Christians killed, a fifth missing
Asia News | 30 July 2008



The Sudanese Bishops have made a statement to the Lambeth Conference on the situation in Sudan noting the Church in
Northern Sudan 'continues to face pressure and discrimination'.

Statement of the Sudanese Bishops to the Lambeth Conference on the situation in Sudan
Anglican Communion | 28 July 2008


World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) has selected this digest of significant articles as
a resource for the informed concern, prayers, support and advocacy of the Christian Church on behalf of its sisters and
brothers who are suffering for their faith in Christ.

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