Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 10 October 2008

Prayer October 10, 2008




Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait and Qatar are offering huge financial aid packages to Cambodia including millions directed towards Muslim institutions for Cambodia's Muslim Cham minority. Middle East Imams are now residing in Cambodia and various Islamic faith-based charitable organisations are present. 'The result was a schism in the Cham community between the Tabligh Jamaat and Wahhabists.'

Cambodia's Muslims as geopolitical pawns
Asia Times | 9 October 2008



Christian persecution continues in India. The Telegraph documents the pressure Christians in India face to convert to Hinduism or be victims of the communal violence that continues to flare since the murder of a prominent Hindu leader in August. Many Christians are now refugees in their own land, afraid to return home and in many cases their homes, churches and schools have been burnt.

Choice for Christians: home or faith
The Telegraph India | 9 October 2008


Police have arrested two Christians for the murder of a Hindu Leader, Laxmanananda Saraswati, two months ago, despite Maoist rebels in the region having acknowledged responsibility for the murder. Violence against Christians has extended beyond Orissa in areas controlled by Hindu nationalists, where refugees are fleeing their homes and villages.

Orissa arrests 2 Christians for Hindu leader's murder
Reuters | 6 October 2008


Assist News reports a 'Gospel for Asia' missionary continues to be threatened after the Christian community was blamed for the deaths of two people. The church in Tamil Nadu, India was attacked and one of the attackers died during the attack resulting in more threats of violence towards the Christians.

"Vacate or Else"
Assist News | 7 October 2008



Reports continue of Christians murdered in Mosul this week. Asia News reports, 'Men are driving around the city shouting slogans against the Christians, threatening more slaughter and violence.'

Islamic fundamentalists: "expel Christians from Mosul"
Asia News | 9 October 2008


After Christian attacks escalated in Iraq in late 2004, Christians in Qaragosh, east of Mosul, formed a protection community. The 'Christian security forces, organised through their local churches, are manning checkpoints and working with the Iraqi police'. The Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac Christian communities benefit from funding and support from he Kurdish minority.

Christian Security Forces Growing Stronger In Iraq
NPR | 6 October 2008



Compass Direct reports attacks on Christians in Mindanao has increased after a failed peace agreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippines government.

Compass Direct News | 7 October 2008



Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac representatives protest at the Iraqi Embassy in Sweden over the persecution of minorities in Iraq. 'Isak Monir, spokesman for the Chaldean Federation in Sweden: "Since the decision to exclude minorities representatives was taken by the Iraqi parliament the violence against Christians has increased remarkably. The groups who want Iraq cleaned from other ethnic end religious groups maybe felt that they are backed up by the parliament and consequently have begun to kill Christians again. They want a homogeneous Iraq cleaned from other ethnic end religious groups."'

Assyrians Demonstrate in Stockholm Against Persecution in Iraq
AINA | 9 October 2008



Baptist Press reports on 'the implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between northern and southern Sudan' which is 'one of eight "countries of particular concern" named by the US State Department for violations of religious freedom. ... Forces backed by Sudan's Khartoum government killed many Christians, animists and moderate Muslims in the central and southern parts of the country. The current conflict in Darfur ... is based primarily on ethnic differences between the Arab Muslims and African Muslims ...'

Ending Sudan violence: USCIRF hearing
Baptist Press | 8 October 2008


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