Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 23 May 2008

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* INDIA: Christians suffer from anti-Christian violence at the hands of Hindu extremists in India.

Growing Persecution of Christians in India
Catholic Online | 19 May 2008

* IRAN: The persecution of Baha'i followers, who are considered 'apostates' in Iran, continues with reports this week
of the arrests of six religious leaders.

Iran's arrest of Baha'is condemned
CNN | 16 May 2008

Foreign Affairs minister slams detention of Baha'i leaders in Iran
Canwest News Service | 16 May 2008

* IRAQ: Reuters reports that 'A leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has been sentenced to death for the killing of Chaldean
Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, whose murder in March drew worldwide condemnation'.

Iraq to execute al Qaeda leader in bishop murder
Reuters | 18 May 2008


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a resource for the informed concern, prayers, support and advocacy of the Christian Church on behalf of its sisters and
brothers who are suffering for their faith in Christ.

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