Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 3 October 2008

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Christian leaders are 'requesting a change in the state policy that bans "in Jesus name" from state police chaplains' prayers'. The issue arises after recent resignations by chaplains for refusing to comply with the ban.

Pastors rally for chaplains' reinstatement. Demand jobs for those forced to resign for praying 'in Jesus name'.World Net Daily | 30 September 2008



Christian leaders gather in India 'to protest the ongoing atrocities against Christians in Orissa and other Indian states'. Gospel For Asia President KP Yohannan urges people to pray for Christians in India as they suffer immense persecution if they do not convert to Hinduism and fear of returning to their homes.

GFA Leaders in India Join Dharna and Peace March Against Persecution
Earned Media | 30 September 2008



'Two Iranian Christian converts who were jailed in May were released on Tuesday after a tribunal ruled that charges of "offence to Islam" and "diffusion of falsities" were invalid.'

Iran: Two religious 'converts' freed but others still in jail
Adnkronos | 30 September 2008


The NCIR reports that 'Four agents from local office of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in the morning of Monday September 26 raided a house belonging to pastor Shrewder Yadgar a member of the Evangelical Church in the north-western city of Orumieh', seizing belongings including 'CDs of biblical scriptures' and Christian books.

Iran: A Christian clergy was arrested in Orumieh
National Council of Resistance of Iran | 2 October 2008



A bill is awaiting to be approved after the Iraqi Parliament sought to eliminate the number of seats in the 'governorate's regional councils for minorities, including the Assyrian Christians'. The representation of minorities at government level seeks to protect the interests of minorities which may otherwise go unheard.

Iraqi Parliament Betrayed the Persecuted Assyrian Christians
Assyria Times | 28 September 2008



BBC News reports that a derelict church in Somalia has been destroyed by an Islamist group in order to build a mosque. 'An al-Shabab spokesman has said they wanted to destroy the church in retaliation for the destruction of a mosque in Ethiopia.'

Islamists destroy Somali church
BBC News | 30 September 2008



'An immigration court of appeals in the United Kingdom has for the first time recognized the plight of Syrian Evangelical Christians with Muslim backgrounds seeking asylum in the United Kingdom ... The Court recognised that if the couple returned to Syria, the country of origin of the husband, they would face very real physical threats that could result in their deaths. The Court granted the appeal on both asylum and human rights grounds.'

ECLJ Convinces U.K. to Recognize the Threat to Life Posed to Muslim Converts to Christianity: Syrian Christian Couple Granted Asylum
Market Watch | 29 September 2008


Digest compiled by World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC). All URL links were active when the digest was issued. Whilst the RLC has taken every care in selecting the items included, their authenticity depends on the original source.
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