Religious Liberty Alert | Week Ending Friday 30 May 2008

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* AMERICA: Debate rages in America over whether a doctor's religion gives them the right to select whether they will perform procedures on patients or refer them to another physician. This debate follows a Californian woman's decision to sue her Christian doctor for refusing to inseminate her because she is a lesbian. Associated Press reports that 'The case is closely being watched by civil rights and physician groups who think it could have consequences for other medical procedures, including abortion and end-of-life decisions'.

California court to hear lesbian insemination case
Associated Press | Accessed 29 May 2008

* INDONESIA: Muslim fundamentalists have been arrested for attacking a Christian place of worship. The attack was reportedly motivated by the Christians' intention to build a new church.

Four Indonesians arrested for attack on church
Asia News | 22 May 2008

* INDONESIA: Al Jazeera reports on the human rights abuses, lack of democracy and the exorbitant numbers of Indonesian military situated in the Indonesian Province of Papua.

Papua: A war with no enemy
Al Jazeera | 29 May 2008

* ISRAEL: BBC and USA Today report that Orthodox Jews in Or Yehuda rounded up and burnt hundreds of New Testaments distributed by Messianic Jews to Ethiopian Jews.

Israeli youths burn New Testaments
USA Today | Accessed 26 May 2008

Israel hit by Bible burning row
BBC News | 21 May 2008

* ISRAEL: The lawyer for Barbara Ludewig, a German student studying in Israel, alleges that she is being deported by authorities for her association with Messianic Jews and her ties to missionary activity. The government insists Ludewig is not being deported due to missionary activity but visa status.

Israel to deport German woman after suspected ties with missionary group
The Associated Press | 29 May 2008

* SWEDEN: Demonstrators gathered outside the Swedish Parliament prior to a UN conference on Iraq protesting against treatment of Christians in Iraq. Behiye Hadod of the European Syriac Union demonstrated concern that the Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian communities in Iraq are in danger of being wiped out.

Iraqi Christians complain of persecution
PressTV | 26 May 2008

* UZBEKISTAN: Forum18 reports on state sanctioned religious persecution in Uzbekistan where Uzbek state television aired a documentary 'In the Clutches of Ignorance' associating missionary activity with terrorism.

Uzbekistan: Government Launches Campaign Against Missionaries
Radio Free Europe / Religious Liberty | 26 May 2008

UZBEKISTAN: More state media incitement of intolerance
F18News | 23 May 2008


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