Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 5 December 2008

General December 5, 2008




Thirteen people were reported injured after a group of Muslims stormed a Christian worship service, the first worship service held in this former factory.

Religion today
AP | Accessed 4 December 2008



Japanese Christians have gathered to honour people killed in Japan's past because of their faith faith. Roman Catholics state that efforts to purge Japan of Christianity in the 1600s resulted in an estimate of 'tens of thousands of Japanese Christians ... put to death'.

Japan looks back on 17th-Century persecutions
BBC | 24 November 2008



Minivan News reports, 'The Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced on Saturday that it would block a website promoting Christianity aimed at Maldivians.' Samuel Wallace, International Christian Concern's regional manager for South Asia has said, 'Blocking Christian websites would be a step backwards for the Maldives, making the country more likely to violate other fundamental human rights.'

Ministry To Block Access To Christian Website
Minivan News | 4 December 2008



Christians and Muslims have clashed in Nigeria after the results of a local election were announced amidst claims it was rigged. Casualties are heavy as both Christians and Muslims take to the streets with violence.

Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria'
Assist News | 29 November 2008

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Malaysian peace keepers departed the Philippines last weekend leading to fears about ongoing safety in the region. The BBC reports, 'Fighting has resurged in Basilan in recent days, and a military commander there told local reporters that the situation was still tense.'

Mindanao fears peace monitor exit
BBC News | 2 December 2008



Associated Press reports, 'An obscure Islamic group claimed responsibility Thursday for the assassination of a mayor in Russia's troubled North Caucasus, saying he had sanctioned persecution of Islamic women.'

Islamic group claims Russian mayor killing
AP | Accessed 28 November 2008


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