Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 6 June 2008

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* ALGERIA: Compass Direct reports on the disturbing persecution of the tiny Christian minority in Algeria. Four
Algerians received suspended sentences and were fined. Rachid Muhammad Seghir received the harshest ruling 'a six-month
suspended sentence and a 200,000 dinar (US$3,282) fine for "distributing documents to shake the faith of Muslims"'.

Algeria: Christians Found Guilty Of Proselytising Muslims
Compass Direct | 3 June 2008

* EGYPT: A violent dispute broke out between Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt over the building of a wall around
a Monastery near Minya. A Muslim resident died and two Coptic Christians were rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds.
The ABC notes, 'Tensions often run high between Egypt's Muslim and Christian communities in an increasingly religious
society dominated by Sunni Muslims.'

Man killed when violence flares in Egypt monastery
ABC | 1 June 2008

* GAZA (Palestinian Administered Territory, Israel): Islamic militants target Christian Schools

1) Catholic school bombed; Associated Press reports that the bomb which was detonated at a Catholic school is one of 'a
series of attacks against Christians in overwhelmingly Muslim Gaza'.

Christians fearful after bomb at Gaza school
The Associated Press | 16 May 2008

Middle East: Bomb attack against Christian school
Adnkronos International | 16 May 2008

2) Baptist school violently robbed; Security guards at a Baptist-run Christian school were beaten and the bus was
stolen in an attack on the weekend.

Assailants beat guards, steal bus from Christian school in Gaza: officials
The Associated Press | 1 June 2008

* INDONESIA: Hardline Muslims have attacked supporters of the National Alliance for Freedom of Religion and Faith as
they marched to celebrate religious freedom because of their support of the Islamic sect, Ahmadiyya.

Indonesian militants attack interfaith marchers
Reuters | 1 June 2008

* KAZAKHSTAN: Kazakh police raided a worship service at New Life Church on Sunday 25 May 2008, attempted to stop the
service and filmed the proceedings. The supposed crime includes not seeking permission from the Internal Policy
Department before inviting a missionary to speak and meeting in an unregistered venue. The police told F18News that
they will continue to check on the congregation.

KAZAKHSTAN: When is a raid not a raid?
F18News | 30 May 2008

* TURKEY: Radio Netherlands reports on the surge of religiously motivated violence in Turkey towards a tiny Christian
minority. Christianity in Turkey is seen as the religion of the West and anti-nationalist. To promote religious
tolerance in Turkey, Pope Benedict XVI has declared that the second half of 2008 be a "'Pauline Year' after Saint Paul,
a Christian martyr born in southern Anatolia".

Turkish Christians in distress
Radio Netherlands | 30 May 2008


World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) has selected this digest of significant articles as
a resource for the informed concern, prayers, support and advocacy of the Christian Church on behalf of its sisters and
brothers who are suffering for their faith in Christ.

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