Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 8 Aug 2008

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'Hindu radicals recently attacked some Christian students in India,' reports Assist News.

Christian Students Attacked and Gospel Literature Burned in India
Assist News | 5 August 2008



Reuters reports, 'About 1,000 people from a Christian group in Indonesia's Papua held a rally on Tuesday to protest against any implementation of Islamic law in the province where an increasing number of Muslims have settled.'

Christians in Indonesia's Papua rally over sharia
Reuters | 5 August 2008



'A day before the scheduled signing of the final draft agreement on ancestral domain between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the halt in the signing of the pact ... The MILF, the largest of at least four Muslim rebels groups, has an estimated 11,000 armed fighters. It has been battling for self-rule in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation's volatile south for decades.'

SC stops signing of ancestral domain agreement with MILF
GMA News | 4 August 2008

Supreme Court halts Moroland deal
Philippine Daily Inquirer | 5 August 2008

Muslims and Christians in the Southern Philippines have assailed the landmark deal between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that seeks to expand Moro autonomy in Mindanao. The MOA has been liked to colonisation. 'Before, Mindanao or the Philippines was colonised by foreigners. Now Muslim counterparts, not foreigners, are colonising our own people,' he said.

Muslims, Christians to stage protests vs gov't-MILF deal
Inquirer | 3 August 2008



Assist News with International Christian Concern reports that 'Saudi Arabia is set to deport 15 Christians on Tuesday, August 5, for holding private worship meetings in a house in the city of Taif'.

Saudi Arabia to Deport 15 Christians
Assist News | 4 August 2008



Ahead of the Universal Periodic Review of Turkmenistan by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council in December 2008, Forum 18 News Service has found continuing violations by the state of people's freedom of thought, conscience and belief.

TURKMENISTAN: Religious freedom survey, August 2008
F18News | 5 August 2008



Frontpage magazine analyses US foreign policy towards Vietnam in light of ongoing religious persecution. 'Recently, dozens of democracy activists, journalists, cyber-dissidents and Christian and other religious leaders have been arrested and imprisoned by the Vietnamese Communists. Congressional leaders and human rights groups have charged Hanoi with 'unbridled human-rights abuses', the 'worst wave of oppression in 20 years'. Some in Congress have accused the Administration of worshipping at the "Altar of Trade" while turning a blind eye toward religious persecution and human rights abuses in Vietnam.'

Religious Freedom Lost on Vietnam
FrontPage Magazine | 5 August 2008


World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) has selected this digest of significant articles as a resource for the informed concern, prayers, support and advocacy of the Christian Church on behalf of its sisters and brothers who are suffering for their faith in Christ.

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