Religious Liberty Alert | Week Ending Friday 9 May 2008

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* GERMANY: Protesters have disrupted the opening of a Christian Youth festival protesting against the group's religious views on abortion and homosexuality.

Christian Festival Faces Allegations of Discrimination

Deutsche Welle | 2 May 2008


* INDIA: Christians continued to raise concerns about Gujarat's Anti-Conversion Law and the negative effects it will have on Christian Activity in the region.

Christians Worry about Gujarat Anti-Conversion Law

Christian Post | 1 May 2008


* KAZAKHSTAN: Proposed changes to Kazakhstan legislation would further restrict Christian activity.

Kazakh government throws weight behind religion law

Mission Network News | 5 May 2008


A Law on Non-Freedom of Conscience

F18News | 6 May 2008


* MALAYSIA: 'An Islamic court in Malaysia [JURIST news archive] ruled Thursday that a Buddhist woman who converted to Islam should be allowed to return to her original faith. The ruling is unusual in Malaysia, which has b
oth secular and Sharia courts; Sharia courts rarely allow converts to renounce Islam, a fact which has led to tensions with the country's minority religions. Religious rights groups hailed the decision as a landmark rulin
g for interfaith relations. AP has more.' (JURIST)

Malaysia Islamic Court Allows Reconversion From Islam

Jurist | Accessed 8 May 2008


Malaysian woman can leave Islam

BBC | 8 May 2008


* SOMALIA: (Updated Alert) Voice of the Martyrs calls for prayer to embolden Somali Christians after a report from International Christian Concern that Al-Shabab
(affiliated with Al-Qaeda) are responsible for the recent murder of Daud Hassan Ali, a Christian convert from Islam and other teachers from an English Language
School in Somalia.

Christian Killed by Muslim Militants

Voice of the Martyrs | Accessed 8 May 2008