Remembering our Choices – Micah Network Newsletter

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The Bible is full of stories of God’s people seemingly captured in a cycle of:

1. Repentance, turning to God and committing to follow him alone
2. Forgetting who they belonged to and their identity in Him
3. Having forgotten they begin to compromise and fall into all sorts of idolatry and poor decision making
4. Repercussions begin to evolve, prophetic voices initially squashed speak up and name the problems and idols, calling people back to God
5. Repentance and commitment to follow him alone.

It is not just the Bible that has these stories, our church history reflects this cycle, and my own life reflects this cycle.

What makes us forgetful of our identity in God? One thing is because we become uncertain what our commitment to God really means and we slowly allow influences from around us to persuade us that we can live lives of compromise. We really do want to worship God but we seem to have very little time to fit it all in. We may believe that Jesus is the answer – but we have forgotten the questions. We may cling to the truth that we are forgiven but forget the message of the Kingdom and the consequence of living for and following Jesus. We may acknowledge Jesus as Lord and King but forget to give him authority over our everyday life and decision, our choices and time.

In our “forgetfulness” we become prey to all around us and transformation and witness is stripped of its power by our lack of integrity.

What is helpful about a new year is it is a time of remembering and an opportunity to consider what the priorities really are, to turn again and walk the light.

2012 is a year for us in Micah Network to reflect back on our commitments, to consider what we have forgotten and renew our commitment together. To remember the choices we have made before God and turn our efforts to them.

May 2012 be a year marked by a radical decision to walk His way!

Sheryl Haw
International Director

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