Report from the COMIBAM International’s Annual Meeting for the Southern Cone Region

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April 15, 2010 

Walking in partnership, moving in missions

Latin America and Africa

The Southern Cone Region of COMIBAM International held their annual
meeting in the City of Montevideo, Uruguay, from the 17 – 20 of March
2010. Over 20 mission leaders came from ministries and national
missions networks that represent COMIBAM in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile
and Uruguay.

Our special guest speaker was Dr. Steve Kabachia (with wife Jennifer)
from Kenya. Dr. Kabachia is the Regional Director for MANI in East
Africa (and interim representative for the Horne Region). Another
special guest was Dr. Jonathan Lewis, Director of WEA's Leadership

The leadership of COMIBAM has held three meetings with MANI leadership
in the past with the aim to establish fellowship and partnership in
order to facilitate the Latin American mission involvement in Africa
and vice versa. Since then the hearts of Latin and Africans have
bonded in mission. During the past triennial Assembly of COMIBAM
International – held last November in Bogota, Colombia –the Director
of the Southern Cone Region and Vice-president of COMIBAM
International, Daniel Bianchi, extended the invitation to Dr. Kabachia
to come to South America.

During the regional meetings of COMIBAM held in Montevideo, Dr.
Kabachia, had a special session every day with focus in Africa. Dr.
Kabachia brought an overview of Africa and the church, its strength
and challenges. Later participants interacted together talking about
practical steps of partnership. Dr. Kabachia's ministry of the Word,
and his passion andknowledge of current issues in Africa, greatly
inspired and challenged our Latin mission leaders. Some of the
national directors of COMIBAM reported that they had already taken
practical steps that affirmed the timely visit of the Kabachias in our

Walter Pelegrina. Director of COMIBAM Paraguay said with joy that the
visit of the Kabachias made the meeting more special for their
delegation and gave them much help for their plans, and current
service of missionaries in Africa. Stanley Clark, President of COMIBAM
Argentina (Red Misiones Mundiales) highlighted the importance of
counting with MANI in Africa in order to know to whom to talk with and
partner in Africa in future sending and training of missionaries for
that Continent. Dr. Kabachia gave a great smile as he reflected over
those days together and said: “All I saw and heard during these days
here with COMIBAM are in the same spirit that we have in MANI. I look
forward to advance in our partnership together”.

Daniel Bianchi, coordinator of the meetings, stated that: “This is a
way to follow up of the meetings that the leadership of COMIBAM and
MANI already had. Once a general agreement between the two
organizations was established, we have the basis to work in a Regional
and National level to develop practical steps. Out of here we expect a
greater movement and focus on the less reached part of Africa”.

The meetings ended with an intensive mission rally coordinated by
COMIBAM Uruguay were representatives of every country reported on what
God was doing in missions and Dr.Kabachia closed with an inspiring
message from the Word. Then on Sunday a number of leaders stayed to
preach in churches and to mobilize for missions.

Thanks were given to the local logistic team of Uruguay, headed by
Pastor Sergio Maneiro, who prepared accommodation and food for the
participants. Also to Myron Loss (SIM missionary) for the many
practical ways he helped and the work it took to secure the visa for
the Kabachias to come to Uruguay.

Special thanks to our brother Steve and sister Jenny Kabachia for
coming and ministering with us. ¡Gracias Steve y Jenny!. "Asanta,

A special note of thanks to every one of the Latin leaders who took
care of their expenses (travel expenses, accommodations, food, etc.)
offering their time and personal finances to help out. Their
contribution added up to nearly nine thousand US dollars. When the
total was announced, participants clapped with joy, for even with very
tight financial situations,both personally and nationally, they saw
God moving. This was also a picture of missions from Latin America:
sacrificial giving, deep commitment, fellowship with one another and
trust in God.