Resource Mobilization Working Group launches global discussion on Christian giving

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April 29, 2011

How can Christians live the whole Gospel in the whole world with joyful stewardship? How can a global culture of generosity and effective stewardship of God’s resources be catalysed? How can Christians be encouraged to give 3% of their income instead of the present estimated 2% to Christian causes and global mission and to give where support is most needed?

Six months after Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa, the Resource Mobilization Working Group (RMWG) is launching a global discussion to find answers to these questions and others. The discussion will take the format of a web-based conversation around themes such as:

a.    Technology and media in giving

b.    Teaching Scriptural truth on generosity and stewardship as part of whole-life discipleship

c.    Church and giving

d.    Collaboration in giving

e.    Biblical understanding of wealth, materialism, poverty, generosity and stewardship that will encourage giving

f.     Resourcing giving

g.    Where of giving

h.    A Generosity Declaration as commitment to giving

Moderators will write regular blogs and facilitate interactive discussion to encourage thinking around possible solutions to increasing Christian giving globally.

As a working group of The Lausanne Movement and initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance, the Resource Mobilization Working Group represents a collaborative effort to increase biblically-based generosity and stewardship globally.  Examples of sacrificial giving by Christians in India and Uganda touched the 1200 leaders who attended the RMWG’s main session during Cape Town 2010

(http://conversation.lausanne.org/en/conversations/detail/10986). Additionally, 3500 Stewardship Study Bibles and other generosity materials were also distributed during the Congress. Nearly 2000 questionnaires on giving were received from Congress participants from 147 countries.  Of that number, over 1300 participants indicated that they are willing to encourage generosity and stewardship in their areas of influence and 980 showed interest in becoming part of generosity networks that discuss increased giving in local communities, countries and regions.

Stories of how Christians all over the world are getting involved in mobilising financial resources for mission continue to emerge after Cape Town 2010. To catalyse this enthusiasm further, the RMWG decided to launch the global discussion on giving. Other RMWG initiatives include identifying and supporting Generosity Champions; starting Generosity Networks in different countries and regions; and encouraging the use of the Lausanne Standards (www.lausannestandards.org) to improve relationships between financial givers and recipients.

To participate in the global discussion on the why, how and where of giving please visit http://conversation.lausanne.org/en/groups/view/1251. For more information on the Resource Mobilization Working Group contact Dr Sas Conradie at [email protected].

Ram Gidoomal
Chairperson, Resource Mobilization Working Group