Resources For Pastors

General September 1, 2005

Helpful resources to assist pastors in replying to questions about where God is in the midst of disasters


The Many Faces of Evil (Crossway, 2004) by John S. Feinberg - Chapter 7
Baker Encyclopaedia of Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler (Baker Books, 1999) - pp.222-3


Albert Mohler's short article reflecting on the South East Asian Tsunami, now updated to cover Hurricane Katrina as well:

God and the Tsunami - -Theology in the Headlines

Hurricane Katrina: Why Does God Allow Disaster?

In a similar vein, some might find James McPherson's and Allan Turner's reflections helpful:

Rather more profound, but less broad in scope, is Bishop Tom (N.T.) Wright's article 'There Will Be No More Sea', written in the aftermath of the Tsunami:

Meanings of Christmas: In the new world there will be no more sea

Willow Creek Assocation collection:

From Purpose Driven:


David Hilborn, Theological Advisor, Evangelical Alliance U.K. (