Sierra Leone: Elections Over

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Update from Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone

Dear All,
What a relief that that the 2007 elections are now behind us! The Lord as confounded us again with what we witnesseed yesterday. By 10:00a.m the national electoral commission quickly convined a press conference to announce the final result for the presidential election. The atmosphere was charged with tension as it was not very obvious who was going to be announced winner. The opposition APC had been in the lead alright at the last count the week before. But a quarter of the results were still pending and mostly from the stronghold of the ruling party. The later had every assurance that these were enough votes to beat the opposition and were expectantly awaiting to have this read.
Just before the announcement of the result, two people were got with pistols on them and were alledged to be assains. There was also an attempt by the ruling party to make a court injunction to bar the NEC from announcing the result. The rather smallish lady, a former nun and chairperson of the commission demonstrated such courage and nothing could deter her from concluding her task. Hours before reading the final result she had taken the brave decision to cancel most of the remaining votes for what she considered to be fraud ballots from these areas.
The final validated votes stood at: APC 950,407 and SLPP 789,651. Thus the opposition APC leader, Ernest Bai Koroma was declared winner. Ernest has his roots in the Wesleyan Church and his family were landlords of the Scripture Union Office in Makeni.
The swearing in office took place a few hours later yesterday. It was so good to behold the outing government turn up at State House in their best for the ocassion. The flagbearer of the SLPP gave his warmest congratulations to the new president and it was so sweet to see them hug each other. This was beyond our widest imagination even though we had been praying for this. Even God must be amused at his children. We pray for onething but expect something else. I feel terrible that we even had to cancel our annual convention which had been scheduled for September 23-28!
Sierra Leone is mostly peaceful today. The thing that has marred this terrific show of character was the overnight looting of the HQ of the SLPP offices on Lightfoot Boston Street in Down Town Freetown. One person was killed in the incidence. The Civil Society just meet this morning to debrief and EFSL was asked to spearhead the planning and fundraising for a grand thanksgiving service at the national stadium. This is in acknowledgement of God's role in our national affairs. Praise God; Sierra Leone's first post conflict elections is also her best and power past from an incubent to the opposition with little incidence of violence.
Thank you for your prayers. We should now refocus on issues of poverty alleviation, good goverance, human devevelopment.
Yours sincerely in Christ,
Aiah Foday-Khabenje
General Secretary
Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone
Email: [email protected]
Alternate:[email protected]
Tel. 232-22-228670 cell: 232 76 621868