Sierra Leone: Update on Elections

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Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
You would no doubt be eagar to know what is happening in Sierra Leone. Sometimes you want to hear from your own contact in spite of the fact that the media (air waves and internet in particular) will be awash with the information. First of all, I want to say thank you for your prayers and standing with us during these hours of anxious moments.
Thank God that as the drama unfolds in our country the church is no longer a passive and silent observer. We had a hectic two weeks leading up to the presential run-off; actively participation a civil society action group set up to campaign for a violence free election. This took us to the doorsteps of the two presidential candidates, state house, volatile communities, market women, streest corners, ghettoes etc etc. The church mobilzed prayer as these efforts were going on.
Outcome?? Praise the Lord, Sierra Leone did not burn! The polls went peacefully last Saturday. It is even adjudged to be more orderly than the August 11 polls, contrary to all the 'prophets of doom' and human judgement. We in the church know how these things happen, the way the have and we continue to build on that foundation. The Lord is more than able to do it again.
The results have started trickling in as a write this peice and it there is every indication that results would be neck and neck. It is rather funny that when you go around the two party HQs both party supporters are jubulating and assured of victory. What is not fun is the simple reality that there can be only one winner in this contest. The new focus of our prayer is that the losing party will bow out of the race gracefully when the final results would have been declared by the electoral commission and not resort to armed resistance. Again, this is the prediction of the pundits and rightly so, from all we can perceive in the physical. We trust in the unseen hands of our God. Please continue to be in prayer with and for us that when the results are out there will not be an disturbance of the peace.
Sincerely in Christ,
Aiah Foday-Khabenje
General Secretary
Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone
Email: [email protected]
Alternate:[email protected]
Tel. 232-22-228670 cell: 232 76 621868