Sri Lanka (NCEASL): Incident Report, July 2009 Part (1)

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There is an alarming, visible and sudden increase in acts of violence and persecution of Christians, since June 2009. The month of July has been particularly vicious, with several incidents. These will be documented in several parts since they are too numerous to include in one report.

Church building guttered for the second time by arson attack
Assemblies of God

Pannaladi, Norachcholia, (Puttlam District)

28th July 2009

The temporary hall in which the church was meeting was set on fire and completely destroyed. At approximately 8.45 pm, neighbours alerted the Pastor that the church had been set on fire by unidentified persons. The entire structure was destroyed by the flames. Several coconut trees in the vicinity were also caught in the flames.
This church was destroyed once before by an act of arson almost 1 year ago, on 17th August 2008. The structure which was destroyed this week was re-built after that incident. 

A complaint was made to the Police. 

Mob breaks in to Church premises; puts up notice banning worship

Assemblies of God

Dickwella, Matara District

5th July 2009

A mob of about 100 persons and about 50 Buddhists monks forcibly entered the premises, breaking the gate and part of the fence. The pastor was away during this time. The mob had attempted to open the door and enter inside but the lock had jammed. They protested against the church shouting threats and pasted threatening notices on the walls of the building, stating that any form of Christian worship in this place is completely prohibited. It went on to "if you destroy this notice, you will be destroyed". Another threat written on the wall stated that praying is banned and Christianity is prohibited.

A complaint was lodged with the Dickwella Police. Entry number CIB 1/252/84.