Sri Lanka: Prayer Request – Anti-Conversion Bill

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There was a rumour circulating on the 4th of November 2008, that the anti-conversion bill was being voted on in Parliament. This is incorrect, as it was the Legislative Standing Committee that met for discussion about the bill.

The renewed activity with regard to this bill indicates that it is likely to be taken up before Parliament within the next few months.

The Bill under consideration was proposed by Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thero M.P. of the JHU as a private member's bill in 2004. The NCEASL, other Christian groups and denominations and civil rights organizations challenged the bill before the Supreme Court where it was held to be valid, except for 2 clauses which were deemed un-Constitutional. Thereafter the Bill has remained in Committee stage for a lengthy period of time. NCEASL and others made representations to the Standing Committee, giving reasons why this Bill should not be implemented. After considering the Bill, the Committee may or may not make recommendations for amendments; after which the final version may be sent to Parliament for voting.

This is for your information and prayer.

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