Statement from the Protestant Community in Egypt

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The Executive Committee of the Council of Protestant Churches of Egypt held a specialized meeting on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 , in the presence of a number of leaders of the Protestant Community representing its different denominations, where extensive discussions took place on the events and the rapid changes that our country is experiencing. Based on the beliefs of the church in that it is an integral part of the community, and the church’s feeling  of its national duty in service of its community for a better life for all of its citizens, we assert the following:
  • Our appreciation for the courage and the decency of the youth’s movement on January 25, and legitimacy of their demands for freedom of expression and the desire for change and reform.
  • Our pride in the role of our armed forces in protecting the security and safety of the nation, as well as the elegant civility with which they deal with the citizens all throughout the past period of time.
  • Our support and respect for the constitutional legitimacy as a guarantee of the security and safety of the nation.
  • Our trust in the security service under its new leadership to carry out its role in preserving and ensuring the safety of the country in a civilized manner that respects the rights of the Egyptian citizen of freedom, dignity and security.
  • Our emphasis on the necessity and inevitability of a democratic and civil state, whereby citizenship is the only foundation in dealing with citizens in the community.
  • The absolute rejection of all forms and images of corruption, and the need to hold all who are corrupt accountable, regardless of their positions.
  • The desire and willingness of the Protestant Community to participate in the ongoing national dialogue regarding the future of the country, through its sons who specialize in different areas, and to do so from a nationalistic perspective and not a religious one.

The Protestant Community expresses its appreciation of the initiatives taken by the youth of our churches in different areas, which manifested itself in positive engagement to eliminate the effects of vandalism and destruction that occurred in some locations, and appeals to its sons for more of this participation.