Testimonies from Global Day of Prayer

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Prayer is where the action is."
John Wesley

Dear Friends

In this letter we would like to share a few extracts from some of the reports we have received after the Global Day of Prayer.  May they bless and encourage you.

*    A group of 40 believers met from 17:00 to 19:00 on 23 May in a location in XXXXXX for their participation in the Global Day of Prayer. I believe that this meeting contributed to awareness among local believers about their responsibility towards the rest of the country, to constantly stand in the gap while they reach more and more of their fellow citizens for the Kingdom of God.  

Country name withheld for security reasons

*    On May 23, 2010 a united prayer for Bulgaria led by an East Orthodox priest was held as part of the Global Day of Prayer on St. Alexander Nevsky Square, right in front of the Cathedral in the capital city. The former Prime Minister greeted those present. The same was done by a guest from the European Parliament, who congratulated Bulgaria on its involvement in the Global Day of Prayer. A representative of the US Senate and Congress conveyed greetings to Bulgaria for the good initiative.

*    About 150 people from 7 churches prayed locally and globally that day in Bafang, Cameroon. As a result, one of the passers-by was marveled by the way the church prayed for every aspect of life, nation and the world on that day and came to Evangelist Michel TCHAGO’s church on Sunday 23rd May and gave his life to Christ… because of the global prayer.

*    One thing to be noted is that our prayers have not been in vain. The church is now accepted and favored by the authorities, churches are multiplying, people are being saved, the long abandoned city roads are now being maintained, the Dschang Junction that was a place of multiple deadly accidents every week has no longer recorded any deadly accident since the two prayer actions carried over there by the church. Bafoussam, Cameroon

*    During the meeting there was such a freedom as people worshiped, travailed in prayer and connected with Christians outside their own circles.   After the meeting was over, two young men continued to pray with heads bowed in reverence, recognizing their need to keep on praying.  And that is what many of us will continue to do for the 90 days following the GDOP and beyond.  It is our dream to see 24/7 prayer in our city with widespread support from all parts of the Body of Christ.  In His time, this will happen.  Saskatchewan, Canada

*    The move of God surprised all of us here. Many cities of 16 districts in our country did the GDOP 2010 celebration and the Lord put all different churches of different denominations to pray together for the nation, Africa and the World. They decided for themselves to carry on with GDOP in their area each Pentecost Sunday as they experience for the first time prayer in unity.  Central African Republic

*      It was just very small, by the GDOP standard, just 14 people in room praying for 2 hours. But God was with us, it was a great start for our little church and it was great to be part of a bigger event.  Languedoc Roussillon,Narbonne, France

*  There was the spirit of unity among the believers.  No one was address in the service not even different denominations.  WE were One.  I praise God for the church leaders because they are now joining hands and hearts together.  Palau, Micronesia

*  Here in the British Isles (which includes Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland) we have seen how the Global Day of Prayer initiative has acted as an important catalyst for unity, prayer and action over these past 6 years.

For more reports please visit our website www.globaldayofprayer.com
If you have any stories or testimonies to share, please do not hesitate to send them to us at [email protected]

A new season has dawned for GDOP! The growing momentum of the last 10 years has now laid the foundation to saturate nations in prayer. It’s time to shift our focus from 220 nations to facilitate a lifestyle of prayer with as many people in as many places as possible. In this new season, we will no longer aim at the goal of having organized events in every single country of the world, but rather to increase the number of gatherings on Pentecost Sunday in smaller settings, such as local churches, family homes and businesses instead of stadiums and assembly halls.

We are confident that there will continue to be organized GDOP events in most countries on Pentecost Sunday. There will certainly be Christians praying in every continent and almost every time zone across the face of the earth. From year to year there may be more millions of Christians participating, or there may be less. The focus will not be on the number of nations participating, but rather the substance of continuing to unite in prayer for Christ’s glory and the blessing of the nations.  

Please read more about the new Strategy HERE

Many blessings
The GDOP Team