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For immediate release from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

April 27, 2010

OTTAWA – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has released a 20-page report entitled Selling Ourselves: Prostitution in Canada, Where are we Headed?

“The report is a comparative analysis of two distinct approaches to prostitution, taken by Sweden and the Netherlands,” states Julia Beazley, EFC Co-ordinator, Poverty and Homelessness. “It compares the two legislative frameworks and the results of each on rates of prostitution and human trafficking, and then makes recommendations for legislative reform here in Canada.”

The study was initiated because Canada’s existing laws governing prostitution are currently being challenged in two court cases, one in Ontario and one in British Columbia. The release of the report also coincides with the second reading passage in the Senate of Bill C-268, a private members’ bill sponsored by MP Joy Smith. Smith’s Bill C-268 proposes amending the Criminal Code to provide for minimum sentences for those found guilty of trafficking in persons under the age of 18 years. The bill has been sent to the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology for review.

“It has been demonstrated that people who become prostitutes have most often entered into prostitution as a last resort,” continues Beazley. “We do not believe that prostitution can legitimately be considered safe, dignified work. It is a dangerous way to earn money due to the risk of violence at the hands of customers, pimps and organized crime – these latter two also making it difficult to leave prostitution once ensnared.”

“Based on the findings of the report our strong recommendation to the government will be to follow the Swedish model. An approach that doesn’t criminalize those whose bodies are being sold, but rather those who purchase them, and the pimps and gangs who profit.”

The report, Selling Ourselves: Prostitution in Canada, Where are we Headed?, can be found at www.theefc.ca/prostitution.

For more information or an interview contact:
Bill Fledderus, EFC Communications
905-479-5885, ext. 241
[email protected]

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