The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada President’s Letter to the National Post

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Bruce J. Clemenger, president of the EFC, wrote a letter to The National Post about a recent story that equated evangelicalism with fundamentalism.

Re: Evangelicals vs. Fundamentalists (Apr. 5, 2008)Letter published in the National Post, Apr. 8

The reason Robert Fulford has a hard time grasping Christian fundamentalism is his presumption that fundamentalists and evangelicals are one in the same. They are not. Billy Graham is not a fundamentalist -- he is an evangelical who fundamentalists consider too liberal.

Evangelicalism is much larger, broader and more dynamic than fundamentalism. To confuse the two is not only sloppy and inaccurate; to misuse and misapply a label like fundamentalism that has such a pejorative public meaning can only serve to marginalize and demean a significant religious community in Canada.

Perhaps the common courtesy extended to others could be extended to evangelicals as well. Call people what they call themselves.

Bruce J. Clemenger, President
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada