The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Releases Discussion Paper on Gendercide, Sex-Selection in Canada

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Together for influence, impact and identity

June 22, 2011

OTTAWA – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has released a discussion paper on Canada’s confrontation with gendercide. In Gendercide and Sex-Selection: Does it happen in Canada?, several topics are explored including the definitions and practice of sex-selection and gendercide, international and domestic trends and the impact of sex-selection on women and the world.

“This is a tragic practice with an impact that is being felt around the world,” explains Faye Sonier, EFC Legal Counsel. “Thankfully, it is beginning to receive the attention required to address this human tragedy.  In 2010, the Economist covered the issue in-depth in the article The Worldwide War on Baby Girls. Just this week, gendercide is Maclean’s cover story, titled The Women Shortage.”

The natural sex-ratio at birth of male per female children is approximately 106 males to every 100 females. However, toward the end of the 20th and into the 21st century, census data from China revealed a steady increase in the birth sex-ratios.  For example, the ratio for births between 2000 and 2004 was 124 males per 100 females.  Increasingly unbalanced sex-ratios are also emerging from India, South Korea, Taiwan and Yemen. Research is confirming that unnatural ratios are now also being found in identifiable Canadian communities.

“The statistics bear out that unborn female children are being aborted in preference for male children, a practice that reflects the definition of gendercide: the intentional, systematic murder of a particular gender,” explains Sonier. “This is taking place primarily because of the elevated status of men and a preference for male heirs in several cultures. The EFC discussion paper includes testimonies from Canadian health clinic workers who share accounts of women being coerced into aborting their baby girls by family or community members.”

As researchers studying gendercide and sex-selection in Asia have emphasized, sex-selection through the abortion of unborn female children increases the risk to all women in society, making them more vulnerable to discrimination. “The prejudice for male heirs is harmful, physically and emotionally to all women,” states Sonier. “As a result of the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. Morgentaler in 1988, there are no legislative limitations on abortion in Canada and therefore gender-based abortion cannot be ruled out. I’m thankful for the media coverage this issue is garnering and more discussion is required if we’re going to build a society that values all life, regardless of the sex of the child.”

To read the report, visit our website (http://www.evangelicalfellowship.ca/Gendercide).

For more information or an interview contact:
Anita Levesque
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
(613) 233-9868, ext. 325
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Together for influence, impact and identity

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