The World Evangelical Alliance condemns the killings of United Nations workers in Afghanistan and the actions of Terry Jones

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News Release

April 1, 2011

In the strongest terms the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) condemns the senseless killings of United Nations workers in Afghanistan by those who were protesting the burning of the Qur’an by Terry Jones.

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Chief Executive Officer/Secretary General of the WEA, speaking on behalf of 600 million Christians, stated, “No matter how much we disagree and find abhorrent the actions of Jones, responding in violence can never be justified.”

Dr. Tunnicliffe is also concerned about other acts of violence that have occurred since the Qur’an burning. “We are deeply distressed by the attacks on churches in Pakistan and the aggression against Christians.”

The WEA underscores that Jones, who operates as a tiny fringe group, does not represent the teaching of Christianity and the Christian Church. The WEA had already condemned the actions of those in this small group responsible for burning the Qur’an back in March and has since been in close contact with Muslim leaders in the U.S. on this matter. The WEA believes no book of any faith community should ever be burned or desecrated in any way. The WEA also calls upon all Christians to refrain from disrespectful and provocative activities towards all other religions.

The WEA is asking Muslim leaders to call upon their communities to end the violence.  And the WEA urges Muslim leaders to clearly explain to their followers that the actions of this tiny extremist group who have burnt the Qur’an are absolutely condemned by Christians globally – this action does not represent the true Christian faith or the world’s two billion Christians.

The WEA extends its deepest sympathy to the families of the UN workers killed in this violent attack.

The WEA also calls upon its global community to pray for peace and an end to this and all violence.

Video: Evangelicals Condemn the Actions of Terry Jones

The World Evangelical Alliance is made up of 128 national evangelical alliances located in 7 regions and 104 associate member organizations and global networks. The WEA is the world's largest association of evangelical Christians serving a constituency of 600 million people. The WEA is a voice to governments, media, and other faith communities and holds consultative status at the United Nations.