Update on Japan

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April 15, 2011  

People in Japan are afraid – of a larger earthquake, and of radiation – hoarding essential supplies, and spending little on other items. 

On 11 March, buildings in Tokyo swayed. People, used to smaller quakes, stood terrified in the middle of the street.

a)    In areas impacted ‘only’ by 11 March’s earthquake, the immediate chaos is over. Life is returning to normal. The damage is largely ‘invisible’: emotional and psychological. 

b)    In areas hit by the tsunami (which hit over 500 km of coastline) the devastation is total 

c)    Then there is the radiation from the nuclear plant 

CRASH Japan is a Working Group of the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA), and is now also the response arm of the Japan Evangelical Association (JEA). 

CRASH works in and through the local Church, wherever possible. That is much more challenging than doing the work directly – but it will have far greater impact long-term if it works. 

Call to action 

  • WEA pleads with the global Christian community to channel volunteers and aid through CRASH (www.crashjapan.com), or through their other existing connections (e.g. World Vision, or denominational relationships). Contacting strangers in Churches or arriving unannounced in the country is not helpful.
  • WEA calls the international Christian community to continue praying earnestly, expectantly and intelligently for Japan, and about the impact of the disasters, in the light of all the above.

Gordon Showell-Rogers
Associate Secretary General
World Evangelical Alliance