Update on the Refugee Emergency in Italy

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 April 27, 2011

The last two weeks have seen an apparent relaxation of the flux of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, the political situation of North African countries is still in turmoil and can generate more movements of people who will try to cross it. Plus, the thousands of refugees from Somalia, Eritrea and other African sub-saharian countries are still on various North African refugee camps waiting for an opportunity to cross the Mediterranean.

The work of cultural mediation and evangelism continues in different places around Italy. Refugees and migrants have been met with NTs and friendship in Ventimiglia (between Italy and France) and Genoa. Many migrants are Tunisians and try to go to France to meet relatives and friends. So the Italian Western borders are full of people wanting to get to France.  The general reception of copies of the NTs has been good.

In Lampedusa the situation is quieter but can change overnight with Lybia being out of control. The Italian government dislocated the migrants elsewhere in the country, so the number of people on the island is small. The next few weeks will give an opportunity to launch an evangelistic campaign for the local people of Lampedusa. They have been dramatically stressed in the past few months and had to carry a heavy burden. Teams of volunteers will visit each home in Lampedusa, offering Bibles and starting conversations on the Gospel. The teams will have the opportunity to tell the people of Lampedusa that God cares not only for the refugees and migrants, but also for the local people. They are as important as anyone else in God’s sight. They will distribute the Word of God to them, as they did with the others, thus showing no impartiality. If we evangelize Lampedusa, they will evangelize the migrants. If we show God’s love to Lampedusa, they will show God’s love to the migrants.

Of course, our teams will be always ready to join local authorities to welcome new arrivals. The small evangelical church in Lampedusa is fully involved in the work.

Please, keep on praying for us! Thank you.

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