Urgent Appeal for Prayer and Aid…

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Urgent Appeal for Prayer and Aid...

To WEA Alliances and Associates,

Please pray and give generously...

All of us are fully aware of the devastating impact of the earthquake and tsunami on the people and lands of south Asia. The latest reported death toll is now 100,000 and rising. Literally millions from the entire world are affected by this disaster.

At this time we continue to stand united in our grief and prayer for these dear people.

We can only imagine the acute suffering and dread that is afflicting the families and citizens across the vast region

Therefore, we continue to call on Christians to remember in our prayers those who are suffering and to give generously toward the relief interventions.

In the past three days, we have been receiving reports from leaders of Evangelical Alliances in the region and from associate organizations that are responding to the disaster.

In a telephone conversation with Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah of Sri Lanka who serves as the General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, he reported that the situation on the ground is much worse than appears on the television news reports.

From our office, we have been taking steps to coordinate communication and relationships between some 15 Relief and Development organizations and the national evangelical alliances. There are significant steps being taken to work together and respond as quickly as possible.

The most immediate needs as reported to us are to search for, identify and bury the dead and to secure clean water, food and medicines in order to avert the spread of other diseases.

In this time, the best response is to pray and give generously through appropriate channels. WEA is prepared to give details of organizations that are working in these nations and with whom we have relationship.

Pray specifically for:

the strength of the workers and personnel who are searching for, identifying and burying the dead
the timely arrival of adequate water, food and medicine
those who are grieving and have lost loved ones
the pastors and Christian leaders who are asked to provide counsel, spiritual comfort and hope
the mobilization of resources to the needed locations
the clean up and reconstruction process that will likely take years
the compassion and splendor of God to be revealed in the midst of such devastation
the coordination of the relief efforts
protection from profiteering by those who will use tragedy for corrupt ends
I am enclosing a communication from Godfrey Yogarajah and the staff of the Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka. Let us stand together in faith and action with the world in this time of great need.

Click here to donate online through World Evangelical Alliance . We are in close contact with many good indigenous relief and development efforts through local churches and organizations. I also encourage you to visit the following excellent relief organizations and give generously of your financial resources:

World Relief
World Concern
Action International
There are many good organizations you can give to and this list is by no means inclusive. Thank you. Yours in Christ's service,

Gary Edmonds, Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance