Urgent Prayer Request: Jamaica

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May 26, 2010

The situation in Jamaica continues you to be dire. There seems to be disagreement over the actual numbers killed. Bishop Herro Blair, Ombudsman, yesterday put the death toll at 44. I am informed by the President of the Jamaica Evangelical Association that 44 were killed in Tivoli and another 19 in St. Catherine.

Please continue to pray for Jamaica. The situation is very dangerous and has its roots going back three or four decades. As we pray please ask God:
  1. To intervene in this situation and bring peace.

  2. To grant wisdom to the Government of Jamaica in dealing with this situation.

  3. To give inner strength and peace to the security forces (army and police) as they confront the situation that they will act wisely as they exercise their lawful responsibilities.

  4. To use this situation to positively transform Jamaica for future generations, should Jesus not return.

This situation is far more complicated than I can indicate in this email. Please pray.

For those who don’t know the geography of our region, I Live in Barbados about 1,300 miles south east of Jamaica so I’m out of harm’s way. My heart breaks for Jamaica, a country which claims more church buildings per square mile than any other country in the world. There are also serious consequences for the rest of the Caribbean where we’re seeing a rise in gang activity spreading in a number of Caribbean nations.

For those who wish to follow developments on-line you can do so at:

U  The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper – www.jamaica-gleaner.com

U  The Jamaica Observer newspaper – www.jamaicaobserver.com

U  Power FM, streamed on-line – www.go-jamaica.com/power/ (this can be difficult to access as so many are trying).


A new government has been chosen in Trinidad and Tobago and the country’s first female Prime Minister will be sworn in this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. We thank God for a successful election and ask that you pray for wisdom and guidance as the new government settles in and seeks to fulfil campaign promises.

Please pass this on today to intercessors and believers who will pray. Please do not circularise after Thursday, July 27, 2010.


Bishop Gerald A. Seale, DD