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 Friday, April 23, 2010

How do we deal with the reality that there will always be people who don’t understand what we’re saying? asks John Stackhouse after listening to an experience of a Canadian Christian journalist who got “hammered” by readers for her comments in a secular publication. He probes three issues that are making it more and more difficult for Canadian Christian communicators to communicate.

Conversely, communications produced by the mainstream media don’t always reflect the real picture. Why? Bad news and disaster stories always find their way into mainstream publications, says journalist John Longhurst, but good-news stories seem easier to overlook and ignore – especially when it comes to religion. He explains and expands using the current example of the sex-abuse scandal facing the Roman Catholic Church.

So – let’s look at some good-news stories!

An encouraging story this week demonstrates what can be accomplished through relationships when Christian ministries pool resources to benefit others. When Sail and Life Training Society and Power To Be Adventure Therapy joined forces, a group of Canadian youth with disabilities not only enjoyed an ocean voyage, but also learned to sail and handle a schooner on the open seas. Participants, staff and volunteers all benefited.

Another great story shares what can happen when a church encourages its members to dream big. Westview Bible Church in Montreal has created a culture where any ministry is possible. Instead of being church “consumers,” members identify the ministry God has given them and pursue it. “We have made sure that at a broad level at least 300 to 400 people can dream big and implement their dreams,” says Sam Watts, a member of Westview’s leadership team.

It’s a great line-up this week. Please check our homepage for more!


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