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 Friday, April 30, 2010

Let’s face it. Your church is perfectly designed to get the results you are presently getting, says Dr. Herald Percy in an address to Wycliffe College. On the same topic, Kim Henderson writes in an article for the Free Methodist Church, If the results you’re getting draw new people and produce more and better disciples of Jesus – that’s wonderful. But, if you’re getting different results – ones you don’t want – it’s wise to rethink what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Dr. Harold Percy offers suggestions to leaders who wish to revitalize their congregations for more effective discipleship and Kim Henderson offers some thoughts on character qualities that help us keep God’s mission at the forefront.

Along the same lines, John Bowen, director of the Institute of Evangelism at Wycliffe College, was interested in learning what becomes of the faith of kids who grow up in church as they become adults. He surveyed young people whom he had discipled ten or 20 years earlier through Christian camps to find out why they stayed in church, or why they left. He shares the results in an interview with ChristianWeek, and in his book, Growing Up Christian.

These articles represent this week’s theme, but we invite you to investigate our homepage for additional selections. Here are some previews.

Don’t miss the story about a Baptist church in Goodwood, Ontario, that has opened a creation research museum. Or the story about the National House of Prayer team from Ottawa that prayer-walked the entire land of Israel. Or this may interest you – Dr. Grant Mullen’s new video. He says he has discovered the “ultimate cure for worry.”

Have a great week and enjoy your reading!


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Growing Up Christian
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Young people who grow up in church seem to offer great potential for the future of Christianity. Yet often that potential goes unfulfilled. Some give up on Christian faith altogether. Many more give up on church. Others persevere with both faith and church. What makes the difference?

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