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Friday, August 14, 2009

According to studies, not only is technology changing our lives, it also appears to be “changing the structure of our brains,” writes Derek Schuurman, a computer science instructor at Redeemer College University. He points out that the condition particularly affects those who have been exposed to digital culture from childhood.

When it comes to technology, “culture” appears to be the operative word. Scott Murley, in an article for cmAlliance.ca magazine asks, How are our churches adapting to the current digital culture? Just because we’re communicating, doesn’t mean we’re connecting, he says. In his article, Redeeming Technology for the Church, he discusses aspects of culturally-relevant communication.

Lorna Dueck, host of Listen Up TV, admits that communications technology has changed her life. “Radio and television has carried a legion of voices that have affected the way I act,” she says. That undoubtedly is true for many of us, but Lorna gives back. Through broadcast technology she is making an impact on Canadian culture with Christianity.

Over the years, who has had a greater impact for God’s kingdom on our generation and culture than Billy Graham? Billy Graham has preached several times in 13 Canadian cities. He has always taken time to understand local cultures and has left a significant mark on Canadian evangelicalism. Gail Reid, managing editor of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s magazine Faith Today, recalls the impact of Graham’s ministry on her own life. Also this month the EFC honours this great evangelist with a cover story in Faith Today.

We hope you enjoy our look at culture this week, but there’s more. We invite you to visit our homepage for additional articles and news stories. Just to mention a few, please note a weblog by the EFC’s legal counsel, Don Hutchinson. He looks at changes taking place on the landscape of religious freedom in Canada.

Also, please see a review of a book on relationships between the Tutsis and Hutus of Rwanda. "Can a country known for radical brutality become a country known for an even more radical forgiveness?" asks the author. You could be surprised and inspired by what you learn!

Have a great week!


Daina Doucet, Online Editor
[email protected]

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