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 Friday, February 19, 2010

Sex for sale is hardly sporting,” says Lorna Dueck, host of Global TV’s ListenUp. We haven’t heard yet to what extent trafficking and prostitution are a concern in Vancouver since the Olympics began, but Lorna expresses her concern. When something as wholesome as the Olympics can be violated by prostitution and human trafficking, she says, we must not remain silent.

Our other contributors this week raise concerns as well in the areas of medical science, world poverty and homosexual curriculum in schools.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what we should do, indicates Dr. Margaret Somerville. Should we, or should we not vaccinate? In risk-taking decisions, we rely on scientific and medical research to guide us. But sometimes this research can be misleading. Dr. Somerville looks at some of the studies behind vaccinations and discusses the ethics surrounding these studies.

Stephanie Tombari, writing for Christian Courier, takes a look at how the world is doing in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Apparently this too has become a concern. The eight MDGs, which include halving extreme poverty, halting the spread of HIV and providing universal primary education, come due in 2015.

And a news story on Lifesite News this week reports that in Hamilton, Ontario, the school board has adopted a pro-homosexual curriculum. All students are required to remain in classrooms with no opt-out option. Teachers have been trained to tell concerned parents that it’s “not about parent rights.”

In addition to these stories, please check out some Olympics testimonies. Read about Katya, an Olympic chaplain who was formerly an atheist. She thought religion was for little old ladies, until she picked up a really good book that made all the difference. Also, check out the story about Olympic torchbearer Trevor Linden. An influential veteran NHL player and generous giver, he shares his sentiments on faith and the 2010 Games.

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