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 Friday, March 26, 2010

A Calgary United Church minister believes his job is to define for his church-goers a spiritual connection to culture. “Faith is not about retreat from the world,” he told the Calgary Herald, “but engagement in the real-life issues of the day.” For that reason he bases his sermons on movies.

Unique as it is, the movie connection has been made elsewhere. At The Meeting House in Southern Ontario each sermon is prefaced by a brief movie excerpt that links to the sermon topic. In fact, the Meeting House is in sync with culture and technology. Pastor Bruxy Cavey even records “Drive-Home” podcasts for his listeners – just “stuff” he may not have mentioned in his message.

Writer Sandy McMurray tells the Meeting House story and believes any church can learn to make use of technology to reach out in culturally relevant ways. Another resource, the Internet Evangelism Day website, exists for that purpose as well. It offers ideas to help individuals and churches communicate the gospel message over the Internet.

Ian Adnams, editor of Canadian Lutheran, ponders not culture, but the self-made man who significantly affected the course of culture and technology in our generation – Bill Gates. Based on Gates’ example, Adnams contemplates what it means for us to be “God’s workmanship.”

And also this week, a little story for fun and inspiration, about God at work in our lives.

Sometimes we can imagine God smiling at the “stuff” we go through. This is one of those instances. It was a lesson set-up by God for eight-year-old Andrew – one that he won’t forget. Neither will the church members who heard his story!

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