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 Friday, November 12, 2010

This week, Remembrance Day – the sacrifice continues. Countless men and women have sacrificed their lives in military service for our freedom over the past 90 years, but thousands have also continued to do so throughout this past decade. ListenUp looks at the care needed for the new veterans who have fought in Afghanistan and asks, "Is it enough?"

Why is November the month to remember? It's traditionally the month set aside for "All Souls Day" – the day to remember those who have departed this world. It has also been set aside as the month to remember suffering of believers worldwide. The Religious Liberty Commission has designated Sunday, November 14th, as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). IDOP invites you to join with Christians throughout the world to remember the persecuted and pray for their deliverance. As you do, pray also for the persecuted Church in Iraq and families of 60 Catholic believers killed recently in a church terrorist attack there.

This week we also remember what family life was like in the past. Whatever happened to dinner? asks Melodie Davis – the author of a book by that name. Kids need their parents, she says. Eating together strengthens families and offers many benefits, but is it really possible for families to eat together in today's busy world? Davis thinks so.

Also, what do kids need these days in a church environment? In a society that offers so much competition to our faith on a daily basis, this question persists, say two pastors writing for the Banner. They look at what makes an average teenager tick and how those traits might shape the church's ministry.

These are some of our selections for this week. Hope you enjoy them. Please visit our homepage for more, and have a good week!


Daina Doucet, Online Editor
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