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 Friday, September 17, 2010

We’ve heard all about it. It escalated into an international incident. It even hijacked the real message of Ground Zero memorial tributes, says Lorna Dueck for CBC. September 11th should have been a day to remind us of heroism and love for our neighbour. Instead it moved openly into religious polarization and Islamophobia.

And it likely isn’t over yet. Koran burning does not represent the heart of the Christian world. It is fundamentally wrong, says the Geoff Tunnicliffe, director of Global Initiative for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and international director of the World Evangelical Alliance. He has been deeply involved in discussions with Terry Jones of Florida, the pastor who proposed to burn Korans on September 11th. “Some may have disagreed,” says Tunnicliffe, “but I felt it critical to talk with Jones about the impact of Koran burning.” Such an act incites attacks on Christians in many countries and could affect future events. In his blog Tunnicliffe speaks of his conversations with Terry Jones.

Incidents of Bible burning, however, receive far less attention. Greg Musselman, communications director for Voice of the Martyrs Canada, says Bible burnings occur so often internationally that even Voice of the Martyrs rarely reports them. He could only locate one article published recently about a Bible burning is a small village in Laos. It would be just and right for the international community to share the same concern for acts of aggression against all faiths, says Tunnicliffe. He names four significant incidents that have occurred in recent years.

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