WEA GA Statement on the Economic Crisis

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The world-wide financial turmoil is, at its root, evidence of what happens when too many are captivated by greed and put their faith in, and entrust their security and future aspirations to, a system animated by the maximization of wealth. Many legitimately feel betrayed.

While we hope that the painful consequences of the turmoil will be mitigated, our concern is that its impact will continue to permeate into more regions and economies of the world. We recognize that this economic crisis will have the most painful impact on the poor, who are the most vulnerable.

We reaffirm our faith in God and acknowledge that He is in control. We repent when we have placed our trust in money, institutions and persons, rather than God. Our security is not found in the things of this world.

We pray that God will honour those attempts to address the financial crisis. We call on governments, institutions and individuals to honour their commitments and, in particular, to work to limit the impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable.

This crisis requires us to pull together as a community, to pray for one another, to care for those in need, and to model good stewardship in our spheres of influence.

We encourage Evangelicals to show leadership in caring for the poor, calling for the necessary reforms needed to addresses the crisis and the practices that caused it, and be prophetic in challenging the structures and practices that are incompatible with good stewardship of the resources entrusted to each and all of us. We must live simply and be generous.

May God give us wisdom.