WEA Goodwill Ambassador Visits Pakistan

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Rev. Johan Candelin, [email protected]

World Evangelical Alliance Goodwill Ambassador Visits Pakistan

WEA Goodwill Ambassador Rev. Johan Candelin, Finland, is back after a one week fact finding trip to Pakistan. His delegation included Mrs. Eija-Riitta Korhola, Finland, European Parliament, Mr. James Reimer, Canada, Global Investment expert and Mr. Tim Dean, UK, World Media Trust. The delegation
visited Pakistan representing the First Step Forum. The program was planned by Mrs. Benazir Bhutto.

The delegation had talks with PPP leadership and other political party leaders like the Muslim League. They also had meetings in the Senate and meetings with some 20 Members of Parliament. The delegation spoke to some 40 diplomats about religious freedom and democracy at a dinner and met with among others the Ambassadors of Afghanistan, France, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The delegation spent one full day with the Christian minority and had personal meetings with victims of rape and women who were facing blasphemy charges and had to hide.

Several television stations had interviews with the delegation and parts of their presentation to the diplomats were also on television.

Candelin said, "The only thing one can say for sure about the political situation in Pakistan now is that you cannot say anything for sure about the political situation in Pakistan. But we now have very good links for future co-operation with the leaders of the nation. We are focusing on several things: protection of all minorities (including the Christian), the Sharia law, democracy and the protection of women. What happens in Pakistan has a major effect on the region and that is why we are committed to use all our networks to strengthen religious liberty and democracy in Pakistan".