WEA head to speak at 10th Anniversary of Global Day of Prayer

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May 20, 2010


Contact Information:          
Marion Uzac, Press Secretary. Email: [email protected]
Sylvia Soon, Chief of Staff. Email: [email protected]

Dr Geoff Tunnicliffe, the International Director of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), is to participate in the 10th Anniversary celebration of Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) in Cape Town, South Africa.

He will deliver a plenary address at a GDOP conference on May 21 and lead in prayer for the Church at a stadium event on Sunday, May 23, the official date of GDOP 2010. 

Dr Tunnicliffe is already in Cape Town for executive team planning meetings preceding the GDOP conference as well as meetings for the Cape Town 2010 Lausanne Congress to be held this October.

Among six plenary sessions at the GDOP conference, Dr Tunnicliffe is speaking on the Church and will touch on “current global challenges and opportunites”, including globalization, persecution, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, the financial crisis, war, climate change, urbanization, and nuclear weapons.

He will put forward a response to this present global reality by explicating on the growth and impact of the Church and affirming God’s vision for the Church.

“God’s vision is the church joined together in every community around the world effectively living out and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus,” said Dr Tunnicliffe. “These united churches seek transformation, holiness and justice for individuals, families, communities, peoples and nations.”

In commemoration of GDOP 2010, Dr Tunnicliffe has the following message for Christians worldwide:

“I am deeply grateful that God led Christians in the southern part of Africa to launch a movement of prayer that has now encompassed the globe. Given the challenges we face in the world today the Church desperately needs to be united in prayer. We thank God that Global Day of Prayer has made such a profound impact.”

Originated by South African Christian businessman Graham Power in 2000, the first prayer event took place the following year when 45,000 Christians gathered in a stadium in the city of Cape Town, South Africa to pray. The day of prayer quickly grew, and by Pentecost Sunday 2005, Christians from 156 of the 220 nations of the world united in prayer for the first Global Day of Prayer.

In 2008 millions of Christians from 214 nations united in prayer and on May 31, 2009 this initiative expanded to 220 countries around the world. More than 200 countries have already pledged to participate in this year’s GDOP.

More information on GDOP can be found

World Evangelical Alliance (WEA): World Evangelical Alliance is made up of 128 national evangelical alliances located in 7 regions and 104 associate member organizations. The vision of WEA is to extend the Kingdom of God by making disciples of all nations and by Christ-centered transformation within society. WEA exists to foster Christian unity, to provide an identity, voice and platform for the 420 million evangelical Christians worldwide.