WEA Mission Commission: “Arts in Missions” - Special Issue of the Connections Journal

General October 21, 2010

What, “Arts and Mission”?  Huh? What’s that all about?  Well, perhaps by now you have seen the beautiful and thoughtful issue of Connections: the Journal of the WEA Mission Commission, on this very theme of arts in mission. And thus we can answer three recent questions:

So thank God that the WEA Mission Commission, in Pattaya, 2008, launched a new global task force on “Arts in Mission”. Two of that team, John Franklin and Robin Harris did an incredible job of creating a marvelous, unique issue  (104 pages, full color) of our journal, Connections, on this theme. The stunning cover of the crucifixion—a global and cross-cultural motif—is matched by some 50 photos of art, and an equal number of articles from around the world. You find thoughtful, foundational articles on the arts, many case studies from many cultures, a listing of resources—annotated bibliography and schools and programs of study.


We printed 1000 copies in South Africa for the Lausanne Congress and they are for sale in the bookstore at the reasonable price  of R95, just above our costs.


Why buy a good number of copies? (not just one!)

Feel free to write me at [email protected] as editor of Connections.