WEA Mission Commission: Letter from Smyrna - Translated

General September 12, 2014


Dear Great Commission colleague,

We are grateful to our colleagues from around the world who have assisted in translating the "Letter from Smyrna", written as an outcome of the Global Consultation earlier this year. You can now read the letter in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, on our website. 

Here are the links:

German: http://mc.worldea.org/news/brief-aus-smyrna-global-consultation-letter-from-smyrna-german

Spanish: http://mc.worldea.org/news/carta-desde-esmirna-a-la-iglesia-global-global-consultation-letter-from-smyrna-spanish

Portuguese: http://mc.worldea.org/news/carta-de-esmirna-para-a-igreja-global-global-consultation-letter-from-smyrna-portuguese

English: http://mc.worldea.org/news/letter-from-smyrna-to-the-global-church-wea-mc-global-consultation-2014

Should you be able to assist us in translating this letter, or any other article on our website, into any other languages, please let Bertil know ([email protected]). We desire to grow in our capacity to include all the global voices in our community of reflective practitioners through intentional language inclusion as well. 


The Mission Commission team